Deep Midnight's Voice
Slipscout ani


Production #


Original air date

April 14, 2003

Written by

Joe Reinkemeyer and Matt Kiene

Directed by

Allan Harmon

Developed by

Robert Hewitt Wolfe


Sherry Gorval

Executive Producer

Allan Eastman
Majel Roddenberry
Josanne B. Lovick
Jay Firestone
Adam Haight
Kevin Sorbo
Bob Engels

Production Designer

Richard B. Lewis

Guest stars

Christopher Heyerdahl as Gaiton
Cameron Park as Dr. Henry Semel
Tim Henry as Amory Sutton
Stacy Grant as Tori Leighton

Preceded by

Vault of the Heavens

Followed by

The Illusion of Majesty

"The universe is perfect.
You cannot improve it.
If you try to change it,
you will ruin it.
If you try to hold it,
you will lose it."
Notes to Odo Chan,
CY 9101

"Deep Midnight's Voice" is episode 18 of Season 3.


The Regular Cast of Andromeda Season 3


As the Andromeda Ascendant escorts a convoy of Commonwealth commercial vessels through a DMZ, fleets of high-tech ships are detected moving in their direction. Rommie reports the ships are battlecruisers and Garuda class Fighters of which Dylan realizes some are Nietzscheans and Drago-Kazov Pride. The crew watches as the Dragons begin to attack a smaller fleet of Nietzscheans. Realizing the convoy is not being targeted, Dylan Hunt instructs Rommie to keep them out of harm’s way and prepare the entire group for slipstream. The display shows three ships have suddenly sped off from the battle with one on a collision course with the Andromeda as it’s being chased. Dylan instructs Rommie to hail the ship but there is no response. As the crew engages an intercept course and cuts in front of the Nietzschean fighter being chased, it halts for a moment and then fires on them. The Andromeda destroys the fighter while the other ship continues towards them. Cables lock the vessel as it approaches and Dylan requests that the pilot be brought in for questioning.

The pilot, Gaiton, looks up at Tyr Anasazi as he enters and notices that he, too, is Nietzschean. Gaiton explains the Dragans were attacking his fleet because they believe the Nietzscheans have Deep Midnights Voice, an old Nietzschean Slipscout. Supposedly, before the First Systems Commonwealth Civil War, a fleet of them existed and mapped every meter of the slipstream. Reluctant to believe Gaiton, Tyr explains the rumor amongst his people of a project that could map the cosmos. Together, Dylan and Tyr both realize the danger of the Dragans finding the probe.

Seamus Harper presents to the crew information on a 3-D schematic of a Slipscout and celestial map. An Artificial Intelligence’s ability to choose the correct route on a slipstream is 50%-50%. An Organic’s intuition raises that ability to 99.977% and the navigational chart recorded in the probe pushes the predictability to 100%, making a valid map of the slipstream.

Tyr Anasazi and Gaiton argue about bone blades, blood heritage, DNA, and survival. Dylan demands more information, he tells Tyr to pummel Gaiton. Rommie tells Dylan of the likely location of the Slipscout.

The Andromeda rides the slipstream rails as Rommie searches for the location of Deep Midnight’s Voice. Not alone, Dylan sees a fleet of enemy ships following them on the strands of the Slipstream. Dylan dumps Harper's cargo, which destroys the fighters.

The Andromeda emerges into a remote system with various planets including a nearby gas giant. Rommie discovers that Deep Midnight’s Voice crashed on a planet. The signal detected is a pre-Fall signature on the planet which she believes is the probe’s transponder. Rommie reports that humans inhabit the planet. They believe they are alone in the universe. The crashed probe is understood to be an “alien myth” that claims the probe crashed in a remote backcountry region on an isolated shelf remaining undiscovered.

Dylan prepares the Eureka Maru for their search and Rommie explains to him the risks of a possible First Contact mission. One miscommunication could send the planets inhabitants into chaos. She mentions a failed first contact that forced the High Guard to conquer them with the threat of invasion and absolute destruction. Harper has made passports and papers for Dylan, Beka Valentine, Tyr and Gaiton stating they are from the country of North Sodzee and equips them each with an Emulator Patch that can translate the language. They are to present themselves as "adventure tourists".

The Maru arrives on the planet where Dylan, Beka, Tyr and Gaiton begin the search. Two humans emerge from the brush and are greeted as “friends” by Gaiton. Beka fakes an injury as Dylan asks the woman, Tori Leighton, for their assistance. She informs him the man with her is Dr. Henry Semel, who is familiar with basic anatomy. Dylan explains to Tori they are adventure tourists from North Sodzee as Dr. Semel works on Beka’s leg injury. Tori invites them back to the conservatory so that Beka can get some water and medicine.

Tyr and Gaiton slip away and move toward the probe. Gaiton studies Tyr and chastises him for “serving” a Kludge. Gaiton reveals he is a spy for the Drago-Kazov who has been sent to find Tyr and give him their simple answer, “yes.”

In the Belden University observatory Dylan is introduced to Amory Sutton, the resident government observer. Suddenly his Bracer glows with information and Dylan notices Tori looking at him, shocked. It’s obvious the bracer isn’t familiar technology. Off to a corner, Dylan informs Beka that Nietzscheans are in the system and that Tori saw his Bracer.

Dylan attempts to quietly explain the slipstream to Tori and she wants to know more. He demands that she tells no one but unbeknownst to him or her, Sutton is listening to every word.

Whispering into the phone, Sutton explains he needs immediate containment. Unexpectedly, Dylan is handcuffed and two soldiers surround him and Beka. Sutton tells Dylan that he must stay to answer his questions and Dylan and Beka fight back. Sutton now finds himself handcuffed to a desk. Tori runs out with Dylan and Beka.

Later, Tyr and Gaiton are observing the wreckage of a crashed slipscout. He suggests to Gaiton that they bury their brothers’ remains. As they finish burying the bodies; both men give the Nietzschean salute. Out of nowhere, 4 soldiers appear with guns raised. Tyr sets down the carefully wrapped probe after which he and Gaiton easily kill the militiamen.

Dylan, Beka and Tori arrive at the scene where Tyr and Gaiton just battled the soldiers. Beka receives confirmation on her bracer that Nietzscheans are headed to the planet. Dylan wonders if Gaiton tipped them off, or someone else. They immediately head back to the Maru as Tori asks Dylan to help and explain what is going on. Beka alerts Dylan that Tyr has sent her a coded transmission that he and Gaiton are waiting at the Maru.

Gaiton discusses a rumor of the existence of genetic reincarnation of Drago Museveni. As he acts truthful to Tyr and explains that the fighting must stop between their Prides he begins to preach about collaborating. If he and Tyr possess the map inside the probe, they can resurrect Drago under their control and conquer the universe; in other words, they could be gods. Tyr, probably understanding that Gaiton's being Neitzschean means that he would betray Tyr as soon as he was in a better position to do so, and take the power and glory for himself, preemptively kills Gaiton, although not without remorse. With Gaiton dead, Tyr is now free to raise Tamerlane Anasazi and rule the known universe as a "God", should the slipstream chart work out.

Trance and Harper are on the Andromeda as it faces off with a Nietzschean Battlecruiser. On the comm, Trance suggests the cruiser not go near the planet or it will signify that war has been declared on the Commonwealth and its allies. No one replies on the other end and as the cruisers seem to be moving toward a transit point, it quickly changes course and heads toward the planet. Trance assumes they have detected the probe.

When Beka, Dylan and Tori arrive at the Maru, Tyr and Gaiton are gone. Beka wonders if they are hiding something. Dylan’s bracer lights up and Trance Gemini informs them a Nietzschean battlecruiser is closing in on their location. Dylan will not leave without Deep Midnights Voice. He tells Trance they must wait. He uses the Exotic Matter Pulsar to ignite a solar flare that destroys the Nietzschean Battlecruiser. Finally, Tyr appears holding the wrapped probe. Gaiton is nowhere in sight and claims he went “native.” They prepare for launch as Dylan hands Tori Leighton a Flexi before leaving, suggesting she become familiar with it.

The Maru arrives safely on the Andromeda and the hologram informs Dylan that he isn’t the first person to make contact with the probe. Someone has made a copy. According to reports, the Drago-Kazov have already made three First Contacts to establish bases in case of war.

Meanwhile, Tyr is in his quarters studying exactly the same hologram that he copied when alone with the probe. Dylan, particularly well-versed in Nietzschean treachery and cunning, appears at the door very shortly after Tyr switches off the hologram, and suggests a chat, in all probability aware Tyr will have made a copy of the chart for his own purposes.


  • The objective is a mythical legendary object.
  • Tyr Anasazi shows disdain for a Nietzschean.
  • The episode has several references to the 1950's UFO and Red Scare culture in the United States.
  • Harper mentions the phrase “no good deed goes unpunished“.
  • Beka mentions the word “dreamweaver“.
  • Dylan mentions “hearts and minds“ and “invisible hand“.
  • The episode is similiar to the “Star Trek“ episode “First Contact“ and “Frame of Mind“. The rescue mission turns into a failed first contact mission. Picard states that the United Federation of Planets contacts a planet's government after learning about the planet's society. The wars with the Klingon Empire were caused by a lack of knowledge.

Memorable QuotesEdit

Gaiton: Is there really such a difference between my ancestors and me?
Dylan: Yeah. They're dead.

Rommie: You just used two words that should never be put together in a sentence.
Dylan: What's that?
Rommie: "Tyr" and "discreet".

Harper: Trance! Have I ever told you you're my golden love goddess?
Trance: Only all the time.

Rommie: Welcome to a system so remote, the Perseids forgot to name it.
Dylan: What's in a name anyway?

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