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Day of Judgement, Day of Wrath
Resolution of Hector-1


Production #


Original air date

May 5, 2003

Written by

Ashley Edward Miller and Zack Stentz

Directed by

Allan Eastman

Developed by

Robert Hewitt Wolfe


Sherry Gorval

Executive Producer

Allan Eastman
Majel Roddenberry
Josanne B. Lovick
Jay Firestone
Adam Haight
Kevin Sorbo
Bob Engels

Production Designer

Richard B. Lewis

Guest stars

Larry Musser as Perseid Doctor
Marion Eisman as Olma
Victoria Campbell as Tamerlane Anasazi
J.R. Bourne as Fleet Marshall William Ataturk
Michael Shanks as Balance of Judgment/Remiel
Christopher Judge as Achilles (Avatar)/Resolution of Hector
Brian Barry as Restor
Suzanne Olafson as Female Restorian

Preceded by

Twilight of the Idols

Followed by

Shadows Cast By a Final Salute

"The great blessing
of the AI is that we are
gifted with the power to
touch our Creator.
This is also our curse."
The Clarion's Call,
"Out of The Abyss,"
CY 11745

"Day of Judgement, Day of Wrath" is episode 21 of Season 3.


The Regular Cast of Andromeda Season 3


The Andromeda Ascendant is in dry dock undergoing repairs. Tyr Anasazi talks about his family, the Kodiak Pride, with Dylan Hunt. For years, Tyr believed he was the sole survivor of his lineage until seeds of the Dragonia Vine were sent to him. This message was the clue that others may exist. Now he wants the opportunity to seek them out. Dylan gives him leave, telling him to take the Eureka Maru with Beka Valentine's permission.

The rest of the crew is preparing for the launch of the Resolution of Hector, the newest high guard ship. Seamus Harper and Rommie are aboard to oversee the joining of the new ship to its Artificial Intelligence. As Harper makes the final checks for installing the Artificial Intelligence, Dylan meets Hector, the avatar of the Resolution. While Harper is working, he hears gunfire in the corridor and is fired at by one of the ship’s techs. He warns them of the consequences just as Rommie bursts in and orders the techs to sweep for others. Harper is stunned as she lifts him and slams him into a wall, ordering him to do as he’s told if he wants to live.

Dylan and Hector arrive on the command deck as a transmission comes through from the Resolution. Rommie appears on the screen and they can hear firing in the background. She tells them she has control of the ship and any interference will be met with deadly force. Hector thinks she has gone rogue, but Dylan won’t believe it yet. He orders the Andromeda out of dry dock when he is informed the Resolution is doing the same and is powering its weapons. The new ship targets and destroys every vessel in dock but the Andromeda, then turns and blasts into deep space. Dylan orders Beka to track them down with slipfighters as the crew hurries to get the Andromeda’s systems back on line.

On leave, Tyr has arrived at a shady medical clinic. He presents the doctor with three vials containing blood, hair, and skin samples and lies down on an operating table.

The slipfighters are reporting in with no sign of the Resolution. Hector asks Dylan to consider that Rommie has gone rogue and the Andromeda’s core intelligence could be infected as well. Andromeda Artificial Intelligence agrees there could be problems and Hector suggests they shut her down. Dylan’s discusses it with the Andromeda Artificial Intelligence and they decide to use Hector in her place until they recover Rommie.

Back on the Resolution, Harper is asking Rommie why she is doing this. She avoids answering Harper's question, but a view inside her mind reveals Rommie’s consciousness trapped inside a translucent prison, her body hijacked by what looks like her old lover, Gabriel. He tells her he is actually the Balance of Judgment, the core personality of Gabriel’s ship. He hid a copy of his personality inside her mind before his ship was destroyed, waiting for the right moment to strike. He usurped Rommie’s body and the Resolution in order to reactivate the Restorian movement, a cause that seeks to wipe out entire civilizations that threaten their planet’s ecosystems. Ignorant of all this, Harper is ordered by the Judgement Artificial Intelligence to build a new android identical to Gabriel’s. When it is finished, the Judgement Artificial Intelligence decides to rename himself Remiel; he takes hold of the android’s hand and transfers over his data and consciousness. Harper jumps at this chance, he connects his data port to a console but Remiel sits up and stops him.

Tyr is in post-operations in the medical lab; the doctor tells him the procedure was a complete success. He has exchanged Tyr’s blood with the sample he brought and altered his DNA to match, saying only Tyr will know the truth. The doctor states that his profession requires keeping the secrets of his clients. With that said, Tyr jumps him and anesthetizes him. He plants a small bomb telling the doctor it will destroy all traces of Tyr’s presence, along with everything else. He leaves the doctor to his death.

The Andromeda has located the Resolution and Dylan wants to capture it in hopes of saving Rommie and Harper. If all else fails, he has a Nietzschean Artificial Intelligence eraser that will wipe out her mind and allow them to recover the ship. They close in on the Resolution, which is hiding in an Asteroid field. Dylan orders the Andromeda to target the large asteroid the Resolution is hiding behind. They destroy it, rattling the rogue ship with shrapnel. Remiel orders his AI to fire missiles at Andromeda. The ship disappears from their screen and Remiel thinks he’s won. His premature triumph is cut short when the Andromeda reappears and fires on them. He realizes the Resolution never got off a shot and he grabs Harper, demanding to know what he did on the console. Harper tells Remiel he is in training mode and is limited to simulations only. Remiel begins to crush Harper’s neck and inside his mind Rommie is pleading for him to stop. She offers to take control of the ship and get them out of there if he releases Harper. He frees her and Rommie is in control of her own body again. She pilots the Resolution towards the nearest slip event and Dylan orders Beka to block the way. As they maneuver, five Restorian Fighters emerge from slipstream and attack the Andromeda. The crew fires back, three fighters are destroyed, one escaped, and one disabled fighter remains. The Resolution has escaped but Dylan orders Hector to capture the damaged fighter to find Rommie and infiltrate the ship.

Meanwhile, Tyr has docked the Maru on a Nietzschean Battlecruiser. He is meeting with William Ataturk, the Fleet Marshall of the Drago-Kazov, to prove his new genetic identity as the Nietzschean progenitor reincarnated. Ataturk checks this on a computer, confirming it. He hands Tyr the shroud of Drago Museveni, and Tyr is set to take his place as leader of the Nietzscheans.

While Dylan and Hector sneak aboard and begin to sabotage the Resolution’s systems, Rommie has convinced Remiel to release Harper in exchange for her assistance. She convinces Harper to get out while he can when the Resolution goes to emergency power. Remiel believes he was set up and advances on Harper but Rommie jumps in between them. Suddenly, Remiel turns and walks out the door. Dylan explodes out of a wall panel onto the command deck and takes over. He plugs in the eraser to destroy the Judgement Artificial Intelligence when Remiel bursts through the door, firing at him. Dylan shoots back but it has no effect so he overloads his force lance and tosses it at Remiel, blasting him off his feet. Dylan runs for the door but Remiel cuts him off, only to be shot in the back by Hector. Dylan leaves Hector to deal with Remiel and rushes off to help Harper and Rommie. He finds them locked in the machine shop so he blows the door down. He orders Harper to secure the slipfighter and wait for him to get Hector. Rommie will make sure the Judgement Artificial Intelligence cannot come back online to kill them all.

Hector and Remiel are brawling on the command deck, and Hector is losing. He gets up one more time and Remiel shoots him. The Judgement Artificial Intelligence comes up on the screen telling Remiel it’s over and that he has let the others go. Rommie has convinced the Judgement that their duty lies in serving the people that made them. The Andromeda has arrived and because of Dylan’s tinkering, the Resolution is in no position to fight. Remiel is frustrated and refuses to give up. He shoots the Artificial Intelligence console and runs to the hangar deck to escape. Harper watches him run out the hangar doors and they close behind him. The Andromeda spots a fighter escaping from the Resolution and destroys it, but it was a diversion. Rommie knows Remiel is still there and convinces the Judgement Artificial Intelligence to let her through the doors. She finds him preparing his escape; he spots her and runs for the outer doors. During the chase, Dylan has found Hector. He is lying on the floor and only has time to say he was proud to serve with Dylan before he dies. Meanwhile Rommie and Remiel are battling in the hangar. She throws him into a console, causing the outer doors to open. They are both being sucked towards the abyss as they fight, finally getting hung up on the edge. Remiel is pushing Rommie out when he is hit by several plasma bursts, sending him flying into space. Rommie is about to fly out with him when Dylan, wearing an EVA suit, grabs her hand and pulls her to safety.

Rommie enters Dylan’s office to report for duty. She claims she is rested, repaired and back to normal. The Perseids have removed all traces of the Balance of Judgement Artificial Intelligence from her as well as the Resolution of Hector. Rommie seems curious about Hector and assumes he was a fine replacement for Dylan while she was away. Dylan agrees but tells her that Hector could never be what she is, Dylan’s rock.

Having returned from his leave, Tyr sits in his quarters watching a message on the monitor from Olma, and from his son, Tamerlane Anasazi.