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A Dataport is a biomechanical implant that allows a person to access and/or immerse themselves in large amounts of data. It is usually located on the side of a being's neck because of its easily accessible location and of its proximity to the brain, which is where it interfaces.


A Dataport is a usually a circular polymer implant that has a small fiberoptic cable leading to the brain's neocortex, where data can be directly streamed to a person's brain.


Users can insert a data cable into the port, and access the Virtual Reality matrix of ships or near any other computer systems. Becoming connected to computer systems carries a certain risk, because many computer regard unapproved access as an attack or virus, and as a result can seriously injure or even kill the user via electric shock. As a result, most hackers have to be of a high pedigree, because homemade patches and firewalls are needed to survive and infiltrate a VR Matrix. Also, the VR matrices of ships and other vehicles are extremely well guarded, because the smallest change or removal of a subroutine can cause catastrophic damage to either the craft or the inhabitants themselves.

Due to innate nature of the VR matices that most people possess, it is possible to communicate with people in a coma, as well as being able to manipulate computer programs much faster than by manual input. Due to their inherent risk most people do not have dataports.