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The Dardan Hegemony is an alien government that was once hostile towards the Systems Commonwealth before the Long Night. Their homeplanet and system is known as the Bosporus System. The Andromeda Ascendant played a very large role in the negotiations that helped to pacify the Dardan people. The Andromeda, which was newly constructed and commissioned, was chosen to prove herself by taking and protecting the Systems Commonwealth special envoy, Nguyen. The Andromeda was also to serve as the home for the negotiations. Because of the large role that the Andromeda played, an agreement for economic and diplomatic exchanges between the Hegemony and Commonwealth was reached. In honor of the momentous treaty, it was named the Andromeda Concord, because of the role she played.


  • This would seem to derive from the Bosphorus or Istanbul Strait on Earth, particularly given the proximity of the Dardanelles, the latter known to history and mythology as the Hellespont ("Greek bridge").