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Daedalus V
Location: Unknown
Diameter: Unknown
Societal information
Species: Unknown
Population: Secret population of librarians


Daedalus V is an uninhabited planet that is the location of the secret VR archives kept by the secret knowledge-gathering force known as Collectors. The planet and its library were thought to have been destroyed in a catastrophic explosion, however the crew of the Andromeda Ascendant discovered in the episode Time Out of Mind (S4E20) this was merely a ploy to protect the archives and all the knowledge gathered there. The Library itself consists of tens of thousands of audio-visual recordings of famous individuals, literature, and events from across the known worlds, which can be accessed through fully imersive virtual reality simulations. One need only enter a search request into the archive's index interface and acquire the proper flexi disk or "tri-key", then the knowledge seeker selects the perspective of the individual in the recording they wish to experience. From there the user inserts the key and walks into the simulation machine alcove to begin the recording. Once inside the alcove, a person may assume the form of their chosen character; the individual can control the recording via voice command to pause or end the simulation whenever they choose. However if the tri-key is removed from simulator, the person's mental pattern cannot be correctly returned to their body, leaving them permanetly trapped in the program.

Hidden for centuries, the only persons with the knowledge of the Archives are Collector field agents and the Library's current custodian, Amira. However after an agent of the Spirit of the Abyss known as Lisset broke into the Archive with an information destroying datanet, it is unclear whether the library is still functional.


  • Daedalus was the father of Icarus.
  • Also known as the Montrosian Archives, the knowledge of 3 universes.


Rommie [on comms]: The Library contains one hundred and sixty thousand VR Archives.
Harper: Great. That's only fifty three thousand three hundred and thirty three between us, plus one.