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Cuchulain Nez Pierce
Alias: Cuchulain
Gender: Male
Species: Nietzschean
Planet of Origin: Acheron
Rank: Fleet Marshall
Age: Unknown
Status: Deposed
Played By: Adrian Hughes
Nietzschean Pride: Drago-Kazov Pride
Children: at least two
Status: Unknown
Chronological and General Info
Era: Long Night
New Systems Commonwealth


Cuchulain Nez Pierce was a Nietzschean Fleet Marshall, or Supreme Commander, of the Drago-Kazov Pride. As such he was assigned to oversee Nietzschean orbital missile defenses as well as their Dragon's massive fleet. Hailed as a military strategic genius Cuchulain according to Beka Valentine was responsible for winning several crucial campaigns against the Than-Thre-Kull and increasing the size of the Drago's fleet. The character first appears in episode Into The Labyrinth, when the Andromeda is escorting the Sabra Elssbett Mossadim-Bolivar to her wedding to a member of the Jaguar pride. In an attempt to stop the potential Sabra-Jaguar pride from forming and becoming a bigger threat to the Drago Kazov, Nez Pierce demanded that Dylan hand over Elssbett to them. Dylan refused to do this, and the Drago-Kazov fleet prepare to destroy Andromeda and nullify Elssbett, but she and Dylan escape unnoticed on board the Eureka Maru. He used a Footprint Magnification System to make his drones look like his enormous fleet and gave the crew of the Andromeda two options; hand over Elssbett or be destroyed, either by orbital missiles or by his "fleet". The Andromeda escaped the trap unharmed; however Nez Pierce received word from an unnamed Nietzschean spy that Dylan and Elssbett were on an asteroid station. Nez Pierce himself led troops to try and capture the pair, but they again escaped and left Nez Pierce the only survivor of the ground assault. Dylan and Elssbett escaped on board the Maru, where Nez Pierce again demands Elssbett be handed over to him. However Dylan guessed that Elssbett's Sabra fleet were nearby, so he had her transmit orders to intercept the Drago-Kazov. The Sabra and Jaguar prides were forced to unite to fight off the Drago-Kazov fleet and force them to withdraw, and eventually the prides were formally united as the Sabra-Jaguar Pride. This proved to be a massive setback for the Drago-Kazov pride as the newly formed Sabra-Jaguar alliance became the most threatening force to the Dragon's instellar supremacy.

Some time later Nez Pierce was put in charge of a fortress on a former High Guard station on Acheron. His fleet were attempting to stop a relief convoy being protected by the Andromeda. Nez Pierce sets a trap for Dylan and Tyr Anasazi, who have come to the fortress to neutralise it and the orbital missile launchers it controls. Nez Pierce is only interested in Tyr; he hints to Dylan about the theft of the body of Drago Museveni, and attempts to use this to convince Dylan to hand over Tyr. Dylan tricks Nez Pierce by pretending to hand over Tyr; something Nez Pierce seems surprised and angry about. He orders his men to capture Tyr and kill Dylan, however Dylan takes control of the orbital defence stations and uses them first to protect the Andromeda and the convoy, then to blast the fortress that Nez Pierce, Dylan and Tyr are in. Nez Pierce believes that Dylan will not commit suicide; however, to save his own life, he is forced to order his fleet to withdraw and leave Dylan and Tyr alive, at which point he tells Dylan that Tyr is not the only thing he "cares" about any more.

Cuchulain never appeared again after this incident and according to his successor, he was removed from power for losing one too many battles to Dylan Hunt. Although it is never confirmed, it is suggested that Nez Pierce was killed for his failures.




"Good. Let's keep it that way, shall we? Comm. unit. Captain Hunt, this is Fleet Marshall Cuchulain Nez Pierce. I see you noticed yourself walking into my ambush. Congratulations."

[on screen]: "Ah, let me guess. You don't want to respond so we can't track your signal. I respect that. So, I'll just assume the answer is yes. Dylan, I've got no problem with you. All I need is Tyr Anasazi. Hand him over to me, and I'll let you go. I might even be willing to sit down and talk about your new Commonwealth. But if you protect him, I'll kill you. I'll destroy the Andromeda and I'll turn that relief convoy into a live fire exercise. Then I'll let the plague on Rodina run its course. Thirty one million lives for one, Captain. It's a pretty good deal, I think. I'm sure your first instinct is to say no. You think the Kodiak is your friend, but don't forget. He's a Nietzschean. If you still believe he's on your side, ask him what happened at Enga's Redoubt. Cuchulain out."