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Gender: Male
Species: Nietzschean
Rank: Fleet Marshall
Status: Dead
Played By: Kevin McNulty
Chronological and General Info
Ally: Drago-Kazov Pride
Enemy: Enemies of the Drago-Kazov Pride


Cuatemoc was a high ranking Drago-Kazov Pride becoming the Fleet Marshall after the death of his predecessor Cuchulain Nez Pierce. Cuatemoc was married to Charlemagne Bolivar's sister Beatricia. This marriage was intended to end the Jaguar Pride war against the Dragons but was unsuccessful. A gifted strategist, he engaged Dylan Hunt alongside the Sabra-Jaguar Pride fleet. During the battle the Dragons used their slipsteam and antimatter reserves to separate the fleet. Cuatemoc's fate after the battle is unclear, however by virtue of the fact that the title of Fleet Marshall eventually passed to William Ataturk, Cuatemoc was almost certainly killed for failing to defeat Captain Hunt.


  • Cuauhtémoc was the Aztec ruler of Tenochtitlan in the 16th century, whose name means "One That Has Descended Like an Eagle". It is one of the few non-Spanish names for boys which is moderately popular in modern Mexico.