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Crimson Sunrise
Crimson Sunrise
Aliases: Crimson
Class: Glorious Heritage Class
Registry Designation: Unknown
Length: 1301m
Beam: 976m
Draft: 325m
Decks/Sections: 50 Inhabitable Decks
13 Uninhabitable Decks
Inertial Mass: 96,408,876kg
Cargo Handling Systems: Manual Control
Artificial Intelligence
Current Status: Destroyed
Manufacturer: New Systems Commonwealth
Construction Yard: Xinti Orbital
Auxiliary Craft:
36 Slipfighters
12 drones
Armor Complement:
4,000 General Utility Android Units
2 Planetfall Defense Bot
Multi-purpose Shipboard Robots
Self-guided Recording Unit
Crew Manifest
Crew Complement: 4500 living crew
Skeleton Crew: 6 living
Hundreds of androids
Passenger Capacity: 2300 with full living crew
Commanding Officer: Captain Grissum
Executive Officer: Errin Shohashi
Drive Systems
Power Systems: Antiproton Fusion Generator
Sub-Light Engines: Navigational Thrusters
Main FTL Engines: Gravity Field Generator powered Slipstream Core
Max Sub-Light Speed: 30-50 PSL
Offensive Systems
Particle Beam Weapons: Antiproton Cannon
Point Defense Laser
Primary Heavy Weapons systems: Nova bomb
Defensive Systems
Hull Composition: Reactive Armour
Polymer Sheath
Countermeasures: Combat Drones, 6 Radiating Counter Measure generators
Basic Defense Systems: High Tension Armor
Ablative Armor
Reactive Armor
Special Defense Systems: Battle Blade
Political & Chronological Information
Era(s): New Systems Commonwealth
Faction: New Systems Commonwealth
Navy: High Guard
Ships Role/Purpose: Heavy Cruiser


The Crimson Sunrise was the first new High Guard Warship to be built after the First Systems Commonwealth Civil War. The Crimson Sunrise was supposed to be even more powerful than the Andromeda Ascendant. Captain Hunt wanted to arrive in the Andromeda Ascendant but Harper was making several adjustments to the ship when Dylan, Beka, and Tyr left and on the way there, Dylan quoted the Maru saying it was "a bag of bolts". The Crimson Sunrise was under the command of Captain Grissum. Each crew member underwent brain scans and DNA analysis for deception traits to ensure their loyalty. However because of the shortcuts taken in her construction she was destroyed by a rogue comet that struck her Antiproton tanks before she saw service. Adding to the crisis the ship's escape pods lacked the fullerine mesh coating causing them to vent oxygen nearly killing much of the crew that survived the ship's explosion. It was initially thought that a traitorous crew member from the Kenja Pride destroyed her, but this was proven false.


  • The name references the weather rhyme Red sky at morning.
    • "Red sky at morning, sailors take warning. Red sky at night, sailors' delight."
    • The Crimson (Red) Sunrise (Morning) is destroyed.
  • Ships names Crimson.


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