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Tri Ortizs' Double
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Status: Dead
Played By: Rachel Hayward

Cory was the body double of Isabella Ortiz who seemed to be a good doctor.


Cory had been corpswoman in the Benesseri Dragoons. During the time that Isabella Ortiz was just a district governor, she was assigned to her bodyguard detail and soon developed a friendship with and great respect for Ortiz. When the alliance Ortiz had helped build began to crumble, Cory came up with the idea of switching identities as a last resort. When the alliance was destroyed by the Kalderans, she and Ortiz withdrew and disappeared and eventually ended up on Svarog's Anvil.

Cory's plan worked for many years, with only a man named Gorejon knowing the truth, until Dylan Hunt came looking for President Ortiz. When the Kalderans attacked the bar on Svarog's Anvil, she was shot and killed by Jadis, who believed that if they handed over her body she would get to go home. Dylan Hunt then figured out that Saphia, the proprietor of the bar, was the real Ortiz.