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Constantine Stark
Constantine Stark
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Planet of Origin: Unknown
Ship Posting: Milky Way Galaxy
Ship Position: Commander of the Templars
Rank: Admiral
Age: 350
Status: Dead
Played By: Michael Ironside
Chronological and General Info
Era: Systems Commonwealth
Long Night
New Systems Commonwealth
Affiliation: Systems Commonwealth
Ally: Systems Commonwealth
Enemy: Dylan Hunt
Knights of Genetic Purity
Nietzschean Pride
Spirit of the Abyss
He is not the person you remember.
Dylan, you woke up one day and civilization was gone.
Admiral Stark watched it fall.
She stood in the ashes and blamed herself...Tragedy changes people.
Twilight of the Idols


Constantine Stark was the Leader of the Templars and the fourth incarnation of Constanza Stark. He was known as the Patriarch by his troops as well as his allies.

In 100 AFC, a group of Templars were exiled from the Templars for their extremist views of genetic purity. Stark personally expelled them, as they were too deranged and could not be reasoned with. They went on to form the extremist group known as the Knights of Genetic Purity. According to the Systems Commonwealth Minister of War, Jane Rollins, he has very good connections with the leaders of over 20 Commonwealth Signatory worlds.

By C.Y. 10088, Stark soon revealed himself to Dylan when he and Tyr Anasazi were surrounded by the Knights of Genetic Purity. He had his soldiers kill every last Knights of Genetic Purity, no survivors. He came to assist Dylan in taking a Knights of Genetic Purity base where he claims that a virus designed to destroy all genetically enhanced humans is located. However, when the base is captured, Dylan confronts him that the virus was actually supposed to target Nietzscheans. Stark then revealed his intentions to use the virus as a deterrent to liberate all the slave worlds controlled by Nietzscheans. Hunt points out that Stark would never agree to something like this but Constantine revealed his identity as Admiral Constanza Stark. He warned Dylan that he has a bomb on the Eureka Maru and he would never sacrifice Beka. Dylan was forced to leave but returned, bringing along the Knights of Genetic Purity to force Stark into a corner; either he destroy the base or let it fall back into the Knights of Genetic Purity hands. He chose the former but Dylan wasn't going to let him leave. Stark warns his old student that if he is captured, someone will set him free. If vice versa and Stark kills Dylan Hunt, then everything he worked for will fall. Dylan lets him go as the base explodes. ("Twilight of the Idols")

Stark later hijacked the Eureka Maru and abducted Harper, knowing he needed the genius Harper possessed in order to create a Time Bridge to allow future troops of his to come to the present to confront the Magog World Ship. Stark also captured Rhade and eventually successfully captured Dylan. Though Dylan ordered Harper to stall work on the Time Bridge, Stark's vision influenced Harper into successfully finishing the Bridge, and opening it. Unfortunately, instead of new Templar, evolved Magog came instead, having annihilated the troops in the future. Stark attempted to hide but Rev Bem's great grandson found and killed Stark, ending his life. Dylan, Harper, and Rhade escaped as the Magog destroyed Stark's base. ("Abridging the Devil's Divide").


Constantine Stark was very brash and ambitious. He was exceptionally resourceful, often willing to make compromises to support his end objectives. Stark was focused primarily on further bolstering the power of his "superior race." His ambition was only matched by his animosity towards the Nietzcheans. He did not view Dylan Hunt as much of an enemy, but rather an asset before and after their fight to a draw, only threatening to kill him when Dylan stood in the way of Stark's plans. Despite holding Harper hostage, he was somewhat fond of him and his scientific gift, encouraging Harper's own private ambition. He was exceptionally cruel to Rhade and took pleasure in tormenting him both physically and emotionally. During Stark's death, the only reaction given was from Rhade who watched in cold satisfaction.



"For 300 years, Captain, we've wandered the known worlds, battling Nietzscheans, Genites, and anybody else with a problem that gets in our crosshairs. In short, Captain, fighting the battles that others can't." ("Twilight of the Idols")

"What I'm about to tell you can never leave this deck. If it was to get out, it could cause a generalised panic. The asteroid? It's a highly advanced bioweapons research facility. Now, our intelligence indicates that the Genites are working on a virus. A very lethal virus, which has been developed to target genetically engineered human beings. Just over ninety two percent, to be exact. It's highly contagious, airborne, and, if contracted, one hundred percent lethal. Now, if it was to get out, it could accomplish in weeks what the Magog's been trying to do for three centuries." ("Twilight of the Idols")

Patriarch: You know, it's a shame, really. A true genius like yourself never having any real money or equipment at his disposal.
Harper: We do all right on the Andromeda. This one time.
Patriarch: I know, you sent a Cali-melon back into the past a couple of minutes. And that was the successful part. I guess it's all right if you want your place in the annals of scientific history to be bookmarked by exploding fruit and children's toys. But think of it. A bridge two hundred and ten years into the future. A bridge through which any living thing can jump. The best scientific minds in the universe groveling at your feet, your name in the stars. Now that, that would be exhilarating, hmm? ("Abridging the Devil's Divide")

"My sins are for the good of us all. The Magog are eventually going to attack the Tri-Galaxy and when they do, it will be the opportunity of a lifetime. Five lifetimes to be exact." ("Abridging the Devil's Divide")