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Archduke Constantine appears to be the one-time eminence grise and definite current candidate for usurper on Ne'Holland. As "The Prince" unfolds, however, and the full extent of the iron fist employed by King Florin and his ancestors becomes clear, the Andromeda Ascendant's crew begin to question where their loyalties should lie, particularly as two of their own, Dylan Hunt and Tyr Anasazi, are co-regents until Prince Erik is crowned on the planet, giving them a great say in how events transpire. Constantine strikes a deal with Tyr to eliminate the last troublesome relict of the old line at the ceremony, so that the Archduke can take his place. Sadly, however, he is a student of neither human nor Neitzschean nature until it no longer matters, since his failure to observe what was best for Tyr sees him betrayed and slain, the fate he looked to bring to the young prince.


  • The name Constantine has been used for numerous rulers.