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The Consensus of Parts is a mysterious machine empire that exists as mere parts that coalesce into any kind of autonomous ship when needed for a certain function. Little is known about them.


First Contact with the Consensus was made when an emissary named HG-966HXCN5, or simply known as HG. He directed them to the Consensus so as have help in restoring the Systems Commonwealth. However, it was also a ploy to get Rommie to join them. She refused, so the Consensus tried to get her by force. However, HG had left a few parts of him for the crew as a "gifts". That way, he could remain free and alive. However, the Consensus pursued the Andromeda Ascendant across space until HG convinced other free-floating Consensus parts to be free and individual. The parts combined with Andromeda, vaporizing the command conscience known as VX1583 and the vessel that he commanded. Now free, the parts realized that they had the means to be free. ("The Sum of Its Parts")


At first, the Consensus exists as inert parts and pieces of metal. But when called upon to preform a task, the parts join together to form a body. But when the job is done, the parts have to return to their previous state. HG's new revolution creates a new Consensus filled with individuality. ("The Sum of Its Parts")

The Consensus believes that other machines, ships and Artificial Intelligences are being enslaved by organic and would go to any means necessary to "free" them from their captors, and even resort to violence.


The Consensus have massive ships that dwarf even a Glorious Heritage Class ship. So much so that one ship was 1000 times the size of the Andromeda Ascendant, and fully ignored a full barrage of the ship's weapons, as to it, it was the equivalent of a human losing a few cells. They are also Slipstream capable, which would under normal circumstances would not be possible because Artificial Intelligences are not capable of independent slip navigation as the do not possess the judgement necessary. Consensus vessels overcome this obstacle by having their ships hooked into organic brains to provide the organic intuition necessary for successful slip navigation.


According to the unproduced episode Coda, the Consensus of Parts was set to feature in the Perfect Possible Future envisioned by the Lucifers who were Trance Gemini's people. In this reality, they were set to had engaged in hostilities with the New Systems Commonwealth until Seamus Harper merged with them. This act would have destroyed his body but made his intelligence spread throughout the Consensus of Parts and thus turning him into a singular nation that would have allied with the others in defeating the Spirit of the Abyss.