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Conduit to Destiny


Production #


Original air date

November 17, 2003

Written by

Lawrence Meyers

Directed by

Pat Williams

Developed by

Robert Hewitt Wolfe


Sherry Gorval

Executive Producer

Allan Eastman
Majel Roddenberry
Josanne B. Lovick
Jay Firestone
Adam Haight
Kevin Sorbo
Bob Engels

Production Designer

Richard B. Lewis

Guest stars

Laura Mennell as Siara
Sebastian Spence as Patrius
Wanda Cannon as Ch'kadau Leader
D. Harlan Cutshall as Patrius Guard
Sage Brocklebank as Young Ch'kadau
Michael Jonsson as Panicked Guard

Preceded by

The World Turns All Around Her

Followed by

Machinery of the Mind

"Destiny is the promise I give to you.
Hope, the part you play,
Is trusting me to keep this promise."
The Prophetic Tetraglyphs,
CY 9573

"Conduit to Destiny" is episode 8 of Season 4.


Having taken an uncharacteristic wrong turn in Slipstream (prompting some teasing from Dylan Hunt), Beka brings the Andromeda Ascendant to the Baltria system. Beka Valentine points out a silver lining, as it is a good place for them to refuel, but Dylan Hunt is distracted. Andromeda receives a message from the planet, that there are prison riots in progress, and Dylan resolves to assist the authorities.

Going through his personal effects, Dylan finds a flower preserved in clear plastic, that prompts memories.

Dylan takes the crew to the planet, where they break up the riots, and return the prisoners to their cells. They do, however, note the poor conditions in the prison.

Patrius, the planet's leader, thanks Dylan. He explains that most of the prisoners are of Ch'kadau heritage, but have left that race's peaceful ways and become destructive. The conflict has been raging for a long time.

In the riot's aftermath, there are three prisoners missing from the prison: Two are male mass-murderers, but there are no records on file for the third. Dylan reviews the visual records of the third prisoner's cell, and sees a young woman. They try to match records based on her picture, but without any luck. Patrius speculates that she may be a mole, planted to learn more about the prison. Dylan observes that she may be a criminal, or she could even be a political prisoner, still held from before Baltria re-joined the New Systems Commonwealth. He sends Beka and Telemachus Rhade to re-capture the escapees, and asks Rommie to go through the prison's records to ensure that the prisoners are all being held legally.

Patrius shows Dylan the "Gol-Rashen", a glowing, spheroid object, which is the source of power for the planet. He tells Dylan that the rebel Ch'kadau are trying to destroy it. Harper tries to get closer to check it out, but is stopped by a force field. Patrius explains that the security system is 300 years old, and no one has been able to get past it, but he thinks Dylan may be able to, not only is he from the Commonwealth, but he was also alive 300 years ago.

Beka and Rhade apprehend the two male prisoners, and Beka finds the tracking device that the female prisoner was wearing. Dylan and Trance go to help them locate her, while Harper studies the security system.

Trance notices that something is bothering Dylan, and asks him about it. He tells her that he was here, on Baltria, 300 years ago, and is disturbed by how bad things have become since then.

Trance and Dylan spot the female escapee, and chase her, until 2 hooded figures leap out of a false solid wall, grab her, and jump back through it. Joined by Beka and Rhade, they discover that the wall is holographic, and step through it. Inside, they find hallways. Dylan and Trance go one way, while Beka and Rhade go the other.

Rhade notes that some of the rooms are very old. Beka discovers some symbols drawn on a wall, and one resembles Dylan's rank pin. They return to the ship, and Rommie informs them that these symbols are "tetraglyphs", a form of writing used by the ancient Ch'kadau. They tell of a prophecy of a young girl, the Symbiont, who will be united with the Gol-Rashen by a man referred to as the "Conduit". This union will give her the power to free Baltria from its civil war.

Back on the planet, Dylan tells Telemachus Rhade that he was on Baltria during the start of this civil war. They are grabbed by more hooded figures, who carry staves with the same symbol, resembling Dylan's rank pin, carved on them. The leader of these figures sees his rank pin, and believes that Dylan may be the Conduit. Dylan notes that these people are the true Ch'kadau.

Dylan tells the Ch'kadau that he wants to talk to the woman who escaped from the prison. The Ch'kadau leader insists that she needs to confirm Dylan's identity, not his name and rank, but whether he is the Conduit. She sees his rank pin as the sign by which they would identify the Conduit. She presents him with four bowls, warning him that one is poisoned. He chooses one, and goes to drink it, but she stops him. He guesses that all of the bowls were poisoned, and the Ch'kadau leader confirms this. She says that the test was not his ability to choose, but a test of his fear. Suddenly, she attacks Dylan with her staff. Dylan extends his Force lance and fights back. After a brief fight, the leader stops and declares that Dylan is the Conduit. She asks him where the Symbiont is.

Dylan asks to speak with the escapee, but the leader says that they do not know who she is. She says that they only took her because she was important to Patrius, and they hoped to use her as a bargaining chip. Dylan talks to her, and she says that she does not even remember her own name.

A guard reports to Patrius, telling him that Dylan has met with the real Ch'kadau.

Dylan takes the woman back to the Andromeda, and Harper hooks her into the Virtual Reality matrix, so that he and Dylan can use it to help trigger her memories. Harper discovers that she is 314 years old, but Dylan claims he already knew this.

Back outside the VR matrix, Dylan tells the woman that her name is Siara. She tells Dylan that she remembers her parents being killed, and that she was taken by a soldier, who left her in the care of strangers, but promised he would return. One of the strangers turned on the others, and she was taken prisoner. The soldier never came back. Dylan tells her that she was held in the prison for 307 years, and that she is the Symbiont, the power of the Gol-Rashen is keeping her alive. Siara does not want to go back, because she does not trust anyone, but Dylan convinces her to do so.

Dylan, Beka, Rhade, and Harper take Siara to the Gol-Rashen. Dylan throws Harper's jacket into the forcefield, making it visible (but destroying the jacket). Using his Force lance, he carefully shoots at the symbols on the wall near the Gol-Rashen in a specific sequence, and the forcefield drops.

Patrius interrupts them, but Beka and Rhade chase him off. Patrius reveals that he wants Siara to merge with the Gol-Rashen so that he can control her and the resulting power in order to dominate the Commonwealth. Beka informs Dylan of Patrius' plans.

Siara touches the Gol-Rashen, and it begins to glow brightly, before merging with her. She declares her intent to seek retribution for the wrongs against the Ch'kadau, and emits a blinding burst of energy that knocks everyone down. Patrius grabs a gun and threatens to kill everyone unless Siara does what he says, but Dylan locates a forcelance in a hidden compartment and shoots him. Dylan reveals that he was the soldier who promised to come back for Siara, and gives her the token containing the preserved flower as proof. This placates Siara.

Dylan reveals that he was the one who designed the security system, and predicts that Siara will bring a new age of peace and prosperity for Baltria.


  • A conduit protects pipes or is the pipe, or a similar transit point or medium. Siara was the "destiny".

Memorable Quotes[]

Rhade: Beka, you've got to finish with style.
Beka: Style's not my style.

Harper: I'll have you in there before you can say…
Dylan: Thank you, Mr. Harper.
Harper: … "Thank you, Mr. Harper."

Harper: Come on, boss, we haven't even gotten to her id yet. Whoa. You're not going to believe this, but guess how old she is?
Dylan: She's 314 years old.
Harper: How do you do that?