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One of Andromedas 2 main screens, scanning for incoming vessels or other debris. In the center of the image are the returns from lateral sensors which are scanning along the ecliptic, in the lower left there is a scan from the top down.


The Command Center is the nerve center of the High Guard vessel Andromeda Ascendant. It is a large, symmetrical room that is placed deep within the main hull of the Andromeda. It has 2 entrances that are located at the back of the bridge. They open onto a semi-raised area that has infopanels on the walls and small consoles on a railing. The raised area gently slopes at a curve to the main floor, which contains the main consoles. Most of the bridge is ringed by massive screens and holoprojectors, as well as large consoles that are used to control the vessel and all of her systems, as well as to monitor and repair the ship if she is damaged.

Raised Floor[]

Above the main floor there is a raised deck area where up to 5 crewmen stand monitoring the main consoles for life support, general active and passive sensor data, and environmental controls. There are also 2 very large system panels behind the railing that holds the 3 minor consoles. Those panels have diagrams of different views of the Andromeda and her close defense perimeter. Various parts of the ship on the panels light up when something abnormal happens, and illuminate the affected area. There is a rail going around the raised floor that continues down the slope which terminates in the main floor. The railing holds some small consoles.

Main Floor[]

The main floor of the command center is the largest area in the whole bridge. It has 5 different consoles, all of which are set up to be at standing height. They are arranged in a staggered fashion so that the Slipstream pilots chair is front and center. The main consoles are specially designated for Navigation, Sensor Data, Weapons, Environmental Controls, and the Slipstream Piloting Console. Contrary to many ancient and modern doctrines, the Captain does not have an assigned station and does not take up the foremost console unless he is to be a pilot.

The main floor faces 3 large rectangular screens, which are used by the Andromeda Ascendant Artificial Intelligence to show information from sensors, to show an image of the Artificial Intelligence, or to patch in information from any workstation on the ship. The 3 screens are edged by small lit panels. Besides appearing on the main screens or the screens of work stations, Rommie or the Artificial Intelligence can use holoprojectors to allow themselves to appear as a 3D, moving image on the bridge in order to better communicate and interface with the crew.

The consoles are designed to be mainly used for what they were designed to be used for: the navigation console for navigation, etc. However, they can be interchangeable under certain circumstances, and have been seen to have been used for purposes other than those that they are supposed to be.