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Clarions call as seen from the Maru
Clarion's Call
Class: Diamond
Current Status: Captured during the Fall of the Systems Commonwealth, later escaped and converted to a Casino Drift. Later found by Dylan Hunt and the Andromeda Ascendant and recruited to the Commonwealth once again.
Crew Manifest
Commanding Officer: Major Iskander Kassad (Formerly)
Ship's Avatar: Ryan
Drive Systems
Power Systems: Antiproton Fusion Reactors
Sub-Light Engines: Navigational Thrusters
Main FTL Engines: Slipstream
Political & Chronological Information
Era(s): Systems Commonwealth
Faction: Systems Commonwealth
Navy: High Guard
Ships Role/Purpose: Lancer Corps Transport


Clarion's Call was a High Guard troop transport with an avatar named Ryan. He and Andromeda Ascendant once served on a mission together, where they saved a group of refugees.

Clarion's Call was captured by the Drago-Kazov Pride and taken to the Tartarus System, where they unsuccessfully attempted to delete his core Artificial Intelligence. The Clarion's Call was subjected to many experiments as the Drago-Kazov spent the better part of 10 years dissecting him, trying to find anything that could be used to subdue the core Artificial Intelligence.

The ships imprisoned at Tartarus gathered components from among themselves and constructed a single slipstream drive, selecting Clarion's Call as the ship that would leave the Tartarus system and search for help. The primary risk in this plan was the 50% chance of an Artificial Intelligence successfully navigating the slipstream.

The Call's escape did not go unpunished, and the Dragans collected 2 Cargo ships in the prison and "ripped them apart... slowly" in front of the other ships as an example. Clarion's Call blindly wandered the slipstream for a century before returning to normal space, where he was found by a group of Nightsiders who converted the ship into a casino drift.

Clarion's Call was somewhat traumatized by his experience in slipstream, as well as the horrors he witnessed during the Fall, including his own capture. His commanding officer was one of the Nietzcheans who rebelled during the uprising, and disabled Clarion's Artificial Intelligence. Clarion's Call was essentially trapped inside his own body, and was forced to watch as his captain suffocated his entire crew. His experiences left him unsure of his own abilities as a High Guard starship, and thus he fled to avoid further conflict, effectively abandoning his fellow ships that remained at Tartarus.

When Ryan was restored to his sense of duty, the ship was left in Nightsider hands and the avatar was made Captain of the Wrath of Achilles, which had lost its own avatar to the Nietzschean Artificial Intelligence eraser. The Commonwealth made no recorded attempt to reclaim the vessel.


  • A Clarion is a trumpet used during the Middle Ages. The image is one of an unambiguous, moral call to arms.
  • The ship's name is ironic as Ryan failed to contact the Nietzschean Prides that would serve as the "call to arms" and allow the captured Artificial Intelligence's to encourage the prides to use them while destroying each other in combat. Furthermore, the prides the AI's would have served were not serving a moral cause.