Citizen Eight
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Rank: None
Status: Dead
Played By: Maury Chaykin


Citizen Eight is the owner of Ganglia Drift. His family has pre-Fall ties to the Systems Commonwealth, and because of that he had a lot of influence in the Commonwealth. His family has a tradition of repairing, retrofitting, updating, and building ships for the Systems Commonwealth, and his ancestors were the heads of the civilian industries that built the pre-Fall Commonwealth ships, and Eight himself is rebuilding and updating the New Commonwealth fleet.

The Andromeda Ascendant visited his drift because of a scheduled upgrade to their computer systems and infrastructure. After arriving at the drift and having repairs commence without anything eventful happening, Dylan Hunt discovers that Citizen Eight apparently also has political ambitions. Both Dylan and Tri-Jema believe that he wants to replace her in the Senate, and that his first move will be to replace Dylan as Andromeda's captain. During the retrofit, Rommie and Seamus Harper discover a hidden Slavedriver program put into place by Eights' retrofit team that disables Andromeda, crippling the ship by deactivating the Artificial Intelligence and shutting down all crucial systems. However, the program is destroyed and Eight was allowed to believe that his program was still in place. When Andromeda and her crew detached from the drift when they realized his deception, he tried to activate the program. The Andromeda then tricked him into believing that the Andromeda was disabled, and when his freighters (secretly armed with weapons) arrived to take over the ship, Andromeda powered up and destroyed them. (”Pieces of Eight”)


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After Eight was killed, the abyss' presence within him was revealed

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