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Lor-Near, a Chichin (left)


Chichins are an bipedal reptilian alien species who are known for their capitalist tendencies.

Physical Characteristics[]

Chichins are small and wiry bipeds with smooth, reptilian skin and brown, green or grayish mottled complexions. Chichins are also famous throughout the known worlds for their flamboyant tastes in clothing and headgear.

Reproductive Method[]

Chichins have two genders, and reproduce through external fertilization of 50 or more eggs. Only a few young survive to adulthood, though, and Chichin parents have been known to sometimes consume their own weak or nonviable young, a custom many other species (especially the child revering Nietzscheans) regard with revulsion.


The Chichin homeworld is the swampy, waterlogged planet Sissnik, which orbits a red giant in the outer Andromeda galaxy. Sissnik has never been a tourist hotspot (except for underwater cave explorers taking advantage of the planet's numerous submerged limestone caverns), and the Chichins themselves consider their homeworld to be so unpleasant that few have remained there. Most opt to seek their fortunes in the larger universe instead.

Social Characteristics and culture[]

Always a fiercely competitive species even among themselves, Chichins have largely channeled this trait into mercantile pursuits, with many of the species pursuing material success at all costs. Though not all Chichins are businesspeople of questionable ethics, enough are to give the species a rather negative reputation among other species. Interestingly, despite their checkered reputation among the known worlds, the Systems Commonwealth's collapse and subsequent outbreak of prejudice hasn't resulted in a reverse exodus of Chichins back to Sissnik. In fact, the entrepreneurial Chichins have taken advantage of the post-Fall chaos to further establish commercial beachheads throughout the known worlds.

Known Chichins[]