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Chandos was a Castalian water breather, who was a partisan and fought in the Castalian war for independence against the Nietzschean Volsung Pride. He supported the future Castalian President Sebastian Lee's decision to commit genocide and exterminate the Volsung people. Although he knew that this act would also kill thousands of enslaved and innocent Castalians along with the Nietzschean enslavers, he considered the Castalian slaves to be collateral damage in the fight for independence. After the war, Chandos become the chancellor of the Castalian Republic. Later in his life, during his political career, he supported the Castalian decision to apply for membership in the Systems Commonwealth, but disagreed with Lee's decision to reveal the truth about the Volsung genocide, as Chandos feared that the truth would drag the Republic into civil war, and would destroy all that he had worked for. He managed to assassinate President Lee so that he could become the Republic's new President instead, and still join the Commonwealth but without revealing the shameful past. He attempted to frame Tyr Anasazi for the assassination, as he was the perfect scapegoat, but Dylan Hunt and his crew discovered the truth, and Chandos was eventually arrested.


  • Chandos refers to several aristocratic titles.
  • Feet of clay refers to 2 things. A character flaw that destroys a person. A weak foundation that destroys an organization.


Chandos: The Volsung orbital did not explode by accident. Lee ordered its destruction. I know, I was there. We both agreed. You let the supermen go, and they'll come back stronger than before. There are no non-combatant Nietzscheans. A three year old will disembowel a man.
Yau: What about the labourers? The slaves?
Chandos: Collateral damage. A small price to pay for freedom. Or so we thought.
Yau: I don't believe you.
Chandos: Oh, the record's clear, Colonel. Your hero, he had feet of clay. Bloody clay, at that. But even worse, he had a conscience. If he had confessed, the air-breathers would have demanded blood vengeance. The water-breathers, they would have resisted, and we would've been faced with a civil war. I tried to talk him out of it. I told him he was putting too much trust in his people, but he, of course, he would not listen. He left me no choice. I had to save the Republic.
Dylan: By killing the man who created it.
Chandos: You must let me go. We can find someone else to blame for Lee's murder, or leave it unsolved. But we can't let the truth come out. It will destroy us all, Castalia and your Commonwealth.
Dylan: If you think I'll cooperate in a cover-up, you're mistaken. Colonel, your prisoner.