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Celine Yul'Tawn
Alias: Celine
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Planet of Origin: Seefra 1
Universe/Reality: Time Loop
Status: Unknown
Played By: Thea Gill


Celine appeared in "When Goes Around..." as a High Guard scientist who had been trapped for over 300 years in a time loop. She relived the same day over and over. She worked for the Vedran Astroengineering Institute (VAI), whose classified directive was to find the ways and means to secure the Seefran end of slipstream so the Spirit of the Abyss couldn't find the Seefra System. Celine discovered her superiors had diverted funds from the VAI and used the navigational technology for their own project, namely a portal to the Route of Ages. She overlaid the security code onto hers and when Methus-2 started to blink, she knew the portal had been initiated. That is when Seefra's orbit started shifting, locking her into the time loop.


  • Dylan: VAI. Vedran Astroengineering Institute. They developed the slipstream navigation system for the Commonwealth fleet. This card is dated CY 9789. 
  • Celine: That's when I worked for them, 300 years ago. You could say we have a lot in common. Let me show you something.



Celine's VAI identification card