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The Castalian Republic is the government of the planet of Castalia. This government was formed after the Castalians drove the Nietzschean Volsung Pride off their planet after two hundred years of enslavement. It was a long and bloody conflict. The Castalian Republic is notable for becoming one of the first governments to sign the new Commonwealth charter. The republic is led by an elected president, who has a chancellor serving as second in command. Upon the death or resignation of the president, the chancellor is sworn in as the new president and leader. The Castalian republic also has a parliament which has the power to approve or reject any treaty with a foreign power.


The formation of the republic came after the people of Castalia, both water and air breathers joined forces to try and overthrow their Nietzschean oppressors, in what would become known as the war of unification. They fought on land and in orbit, and the Castalians sustained heavy casualties. However, they still managed to win their freedom from the Volsung Pride after the latter surrendered. Although the surrender was accepted, the leader of the rebellion and the soon-to-be president Lee choose to completely obliterate them, to avoid any future threat they might pose to the new republic. He committed genocide, and in doing so he also knowingly killed thousands of Castalians that the Volsung had taken as slaves on their orbital habitat. This fact was covered up for decades, until the Andromeda Ascendant signed them up to the treaty, and their hidden past was revealed.


The Castalian Republic does not negotiate with terrorists, and the Republic also does have the death penalty.


The Castalian Republic has an extremely ritualized way of life, with music being played every time someone enters or exits a room. Air breathers are a minority in the republic, and because of that President Lee's decision to include them into the republic was not very popular amongst the water breathers. But, he was successful in forcing it through the government, and the peoples were united.