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Cargo Supervisor
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Ship Posting: Andromeda Ascendant
Status: Alive
Played By: Jennifer Jasey


The Cargo Supervisor first appeared in "The Spider's Stratagem".


  • Rommie: Captain? My system has detected a problem with the armour in the secure cargo hold. Either someone has moved it, or, defying logic, it's moved itself.
  • Dylan: You've got to be kidding me. Tell me what the cargo supervisor said.
  • Rommie: She saw nothing unusual. Her exact words were, I believe I'd know if there was anything out of the ordinary.
  • Dylan: That sounds like a bit of attitude.
  • Rommie: It was unusual. She also attempted to access my monitoring systems. Review shows some material lost due to possible accident. She contends she was concerned so many organic lifeforms in a confined space would trigger attack alarms.
  • Dylan: So she went online.
  • Rommie: And accidentally erased some data. It could account for false readings.
  • Dylan: Yeah. This was no accident. Confine the supervisor to her quarters, and I want a recount on that body armour.