Gender: Male
Species: Human
Status: Alive
Played By: Peter DeLuise


He and his wife lived within a maze on a planet that's surrounded by a slipstream maze. When Dylan and Indra first met him, he appeared to be a belligerent drunk who had a fight with his wife. Eventually they get through to him and he gives Indra a piece of the map before she heads back into the maze with Dylan. Later, Dylan returns to Calvino and he warns Dylan that while he's testing Indra, Indra is also testing him and they agree to move up to "the final round" of the test. In the end, their crazy act was just that, an act, which was part of Dylan's test on Indra, in which he says that "she would've been a great asset to the true Commonwealth". ("Trusting the Gordian Maze")


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