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Caleb Voth
Calleb Voth
Gender: Male
Species: Nietzschean
Rank: Alpha of Rakshasha Pride
Status: Alive
Played By: Christian Bocher
Nietzschean Pride: Rakshasha Pride
Sister: Melea Voth


Calleb Voth is the "legitimate" Alpha of Rakshasha pride, brother of Melea Voth, and father to a son named Kallan. His sister rose up and seized power from him and proclaimed herself the new Alpha and banished him to the primitive part of their homeworld. He stole File-D from the Systems Commonwealth vessel, the Magellan Melrow. Once Melea is aware of this, she kidnaps his son and demands the weapon as ransom. ("Harper/Delete")


  • Calleb is a reference to the Caleb.
  • Voth translates to "foot" in North German and/or Middle Low German.