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Gender: Male
Species: Half-Human, half-alien
Rank: None
Status: Dead
Played By: Hiro Kanagawa


Burma is a General and Seefran warlord who leads an anti-technology movement on Seefra-5. When the crew of the Andromeda Ascendant tried to evacuate Seefra-5, he made it difficult for them, claiming that the Vedran Sun was just a trick invented by the crew. Burma kidnapped Seamus Harper and took him through the Vedran portal to Seefra-1, disabling the portal behind him. Using Harper to get on board, Burma and his men invaded Andromeda with the intention of destroying it. Rommie, Beka Valentine, and Doyle worked to retake the ship, rescuing Harper and learning that Burma and his men were Agents of the Abyss. Beka confronted him, while Rommie and Doyle worked to disarm his explosives, and Harper worked to bring Andromeda back online. While Trance's evil counterpart Virgil Vox watched and mocked her, Beka battled Burma, but he displayed super-human speed and easily overpowered her. Doyle and Rommie intervened, preventing Burma from killing Beka and he planned to destroy them to get to Beka, but Dylan, Rhade and the real Trance showed up. Burma threatened Rommie and Doyle in order to force Dylan to drop his Force lance. Dylan, noticing Beka reaching for her own force lance, lowered his for a moment, causing Burma to relax his guard, then raised it again and shot Burma in the shoulder, allowing Doyle and Rommie to escape. Dylan and Beka then repeatedly blasted Burma, killing him; at which point Burma turned into smoke. ("One More Day's Light", "Chaos and the Stillness of It")


  • Burma is a nation-state also known as Myanmar.