The New Systems Commonwealth Wiki

Gender: Male
Species: Human
Profession: Officer onboard the Crimson Sunrise
Status: Alive
Played By: Peter Shinkoda


Burke was a Human officer onboard the Commonwealth vessel, the Crimson Sunrise. He and other humans believed that the ship was sabotaged by Nietzscheans and even went as far as saying that they were planning a new uprising. ("The Risk-All Point")


Dylan: You blew up the Crimson Sunrise?
Burke: No.
Dylan: Then who did?
Burke: We would never blow up the Crimson. It was them, the Nietzscheans.
Dylan: Go on.
Burke: I don't know anything. I just know it wasn't us.
Dylan Hunt: All right, soldier. I don't know how Captain Grissum ran his ship, but on my boat, you keep peace with the Nietzscheans. Understood? Understood?
Burke: Yes, sir.