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A bucky cable is an intelligent harpoon, which tracks its targets by the instructions of the computer on board of the firing ship. It is primarily used to recover any kind of salvage or to haul damaged ships. It is also used for many other applications, and is renowned for its high tensile strength and endurance. It is used in orbital elevators because of its strength and is also used in spaceships as internal wiring because of its conductivity. Heavy military assets of the Systems Commonwealth use it to string between Battle Blades to help catch missiles.

The Eureka Maru and also the Andromeda Ascendant have such cables installed.


  • The name refers to the use of carbon fullerene in their construction, leading to their great strength. The original compounds were developed by scientist Buckminster Fuller, and named fullerenes in his honour, but the large icosahedron shapes are affectionately known as "bucky balls", and the cable's name comes from this old moniker.