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Brent Stait
Gender: Male
Character: Rev Bem
Birthday: September 9, 1959
Birth Place: The Pas, Manitoba, Canada
Appearances: Season 1-4

Brent Stait is a Canadian actor. He played Rev Bem as a regular in season one and parts of two; afterwards he guest starred in two episodes of seasons three and four. In a 2011 interview, he stated that the physical demands of the costume became too much for him, although he enjoyed the role in itself.


  • Andromeda: Season 1 (He was credited for all of season one, even though he did not appear in every episode).
    • "Under the Night"
    • "An Affirming Flame"
    • "To Loose the Fateful Lightning"
    • "D Minus Zero"
    • "Double Helix"
    • "Angel Dark, Demon Bright"
    • "The Ties That Blind"
    • "The Banks of the Lethe"
    • "A Rose in the Ashes"
    • "All Great Neptune's Ocean"
    • "The Pearls That Were His Eyes"
    • "The Mathematics of Tears"
    • "Music of a Distant Drum"
    • "Harper 2.0"
    • "Forced Perspective"
    • "The Sum of Its Parts"
    • "Fear and Loathing in the Milky Way"
    • "The Devil Take the Hindmost"
    • "The Honey Offering"
    • "Star-Crossed"
    • "It Makes a Lovely Light"
    • "It's Hour Come ‘Round at Last"
  • Starring in, The Widening Gyre (1 October 2001)
  • Starring in, Exit Strategies (8 October 2001)
  • Starring in, A Heart for Falsehood Framed (15 October 2001) (credited only)
  • Starring in, Pitiless as the Sun (22 October 2001) (credited only)
  • Starring in, Last Call at the Broken Hammer (29 October 2001) (credited only)
  • Starring in, All Too Human (5 November 2001)
  • Starring in, Una Salus Victus (12 November 2001)
  • Starring in, Home Fires (19 November 2001)
  • Starring in, Into the Labyrinth (26 November 2001) (credited only)
  • Starring in, The Prince (14 January 2002) (credited only)
  • Starring in, Bunker Hill (21 January 2002) (credited only)
  • Starring in, Ouroboros (28 January 2002) (voice only)
  • Guest Starring, What Happens To A Rev Deferred? (24 February 2003)
  • Guest Starring, Fear Burns Down to Ashes (23 February 2004)

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