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Brandenburg Tor
Location: Muttawalis Globular Cluster
Andromeda Galaxy
Diameter: 14,400
Climate: Temperate
66% Water coverage
Societal information
Species: Former: Human, Nietzschean, Perseid, Than-Thre-Kull, Ksarti, Borineek
Current: Magog
Population: Former: 3 billion Commonwealth citizens
Current: Magog
Events: Site of human genocide during the Magog-Commonwealth war
Technical information
Defenses: Former: Commonwealth Home Guard
Current: Swarm Ship


Brandenburg Tor was once one of Known Space's most beautiful and vibrant worlds. However, Brandenburg has been off-limits to all Systems Commonwealth citizens since C.Y. 9766, the start of the Magog-Commonwealth War and subsequent Quarantine Zone. Approximately three billion died within five days. Brandenburg Tor now lies in territory ceded to the Magog by the Treaty of Antares. It is unknown whether the Magog use the planet as a breeding world, or have left it broken and deserted, a reminder of their first deadly contact with Commonwealth civilization. Brandenburg Tor remains a major center of Magog activity. It was well known for its "glittering city spires, its elegant orbital habitats, its soaring cloud forests, and its five million lakes." However, after the Battle of Brandenburg Tor, its forests and cities were left to burn unchecked.


  • On Earth, this is, of course, an Anglicised form of the original German name, Brandenburger Tor, for the famous Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.