Overview[edit | edit source]

The Bokor are a parasitic, microscopic sentient organism. It is a collective organism, and spreads via airborne spores from host to host; the host usually being a large, movable person. Its method of infection and transportation is quite unique, as it infects a victim and then kills that person. It then proceeds to reanimate the dead bodies of the victims to use as hosts to spread. If there are a large amount of dead people, it spreads like wildfire from person to person. The infection stage is prolonged and is not entirely painless, but the infectee slowly drifts off into a coma, and eventually death. ("Dance of the Mayflies")

Their origin and history are largely unknown, although it is known that it has spanned over 50,000 years, as no previous species had ever prevailed against the infection of the Bokor. Since that time, they have retained the collective history of all the previous host "shells" that they had infected, allowing them to retain that knowledge. Ultimately, their goal is expansion and survival, with their activities becoming more widespread and aggressive through the Long Night. The Than-Thre-Kull discovered the infection by Bokor while they were hunting it on a Human habitat and attacked it in order to eliminate the threat. However, an unaware Andromeda Ascendant rescued some of the surviving sentients still clinging onto life and brought them onto the ship. On board the Andromeda, the Bokor infection killed the survivors and revived their corpses in an attempt to capture the Glorious Heritage Class heavy cruiser. They infected and almost killed Beka Valentine, and successfully infected Trance Gemini, as her body was a Celestial Avatar and thus technically not alive or dead, which made taking her body incredibly easy for the Bokor. The crew were able to determine that strong enough electric shocks could purge the Bokor from their hosts, allowing Trance to subsequently perfect a more thorough cure using Andromeda's medical nanobots ("Dance of the Mayflies").

Though apparently defeated, a number of Bokor arrived in the Drago-Kazov Pride home system where they participated in attacking the Nietzscheans and the New Systems Commonwealth fleet that arrived in the area. ("Shadows Cast By a Final Salute")

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • A posting on a blog thread by show and series developer Robert Hewitt Wolfe states that the Bokor were to be refugees from a civilization that was destroyed by the Spirit of the Abyss.
  • The term "Bokor" refers to witches and sorcerers in the Voudou religion. The race's name is likely a race to their nature, creating "zombies" by killing hosts and then animating their bodies for their own use.
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