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Gender: Male
Species: Magog
Status: Dead
Played By: Gerard Plunkett
Chronological and General Info
Ally: Spirit of the Abyss


Bloodmist was a prominent Magog adversary in the series. While leading the attack on the Andromeda, he saw Rev Bem fighting his own species and tried to convince him to stop, saying he would see the face of god (the Spirit of the Abyss). He was eventually overpowered by Rommie, so he called to Rev by using an ultrasonic language, taunting and mocking his Wayist counterpart. He then was happy to see that Rev still had his Magog fighting abilities; he attempted to engage in a fight with him but Rommie intervened, resulting in her getting stabbed with a metal strut in the stomach, crippling her robot body. Bloodmist then stunned Rev and abducted him, leaving the episode on a cliffhanger.

In the next episode he finds out Rev went to the World Ship. He uses his ultrasonic language to speak to Rev again, and sneaks up on Rev with 2 others. He then argues with Rev Bem that eating innocent people is the right way to live. Rev then asks why he did not kill him, and Bloodmist says "you are one of us" and offers to show Rev the answers he seeks and does it by telling Rev that he can either die or save his friends. However, he is lying, he shows Rev the Abyss and attempts to convert Rev back to them. He tests this by having Rev Bem eat Tyr Anasazi and Seamus Harper. He tries to get Rev to kill them, it looks like he succeeded, but Rev reveals he was faking it and kills him instead. He then says last words before dying at the hands of Rev Bem.

In an illusion to Dylan Hunt he leads Magog onto the Andromeda where he kills Harper but is shot and killed by Dylan.





Bloodmist with a gun in the boarding to the Andromeda Ascendent.