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Beros Prime
Location: Andromeda Galaxy
Climate: Temperate
Societal information
Species: Nietzschean
Population: Unknown

Beros Prime is the homeworld of the Nietzschean Ursa Pride. It has the largest population of Ursans, and is home to their most sacred relic, the Sword of Terpsichore, stated by Nabrot. The sword is kept in the Beros Prime Museum, where it is under close security. A Perseid named Nabrot encountered Seamus Harper and told him that he was a security administrator at the museum, and that he had uncovered a flaw in their security systems. He devised a way to break into the museum as a mindgame, but realized that is could actually work. His plan was then introduced to Beka Valentine, and after a salvage contract was voided, she decided to try and steal the sword. ("Destruction of Illusions")