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"More than a mere ship of exploration, the Bellerophon embodied humanity's last, great effort to tame the universe through our own will alone." -- Dr. Paul Museveni, father of Drago Museveni, A Farther Shore, CY 8401

Aliases: None
Class: None
Single ship of the line
Registry Designation: Earth
Length: Several thousand meters
Beam: Unknown
Draft: Unknown
Decks/Sections: At least 24 inhabited decks
Inertial Mass: Unknown
Cargo Handling Systems: Manual control
Limited nonsentient computer autopilot
Laid: 2124 (Earth years)
C.Y. 8390
Commissioned: 2127
C.Y. 8362
Decommissioned: Unknown
Launched: 2127
C.Y. 8393
Years Active: Over 1500 years
Current Status: Active
Manufacturer: Earth
Systems Modifier: None
Construction Yard: None
Auxiliary Craft: None
Armor Complement: None
Crew Manifest
Crew Complement: Unknown, estimated to be around 250
Skeleton Crew: Unknown
Passenger Capacity: Unknown, at least 6
Commanding Officer: Fehdman Metis
Executive Officer: Nadia
2nd Officer: Kemp
Life Support Officer: Unknown
Chief Engineer: Kemp
Ships Systems
Main Computer System: Nonsentient computer
Main Navigation System: Computer
Avionics: Computer
Main Sensor Systems: Limited
Targeting Systems: Limited
Drive Systems
Power Systems: Ionized hydrogen engine/generator
Power Output: Unknown
Sub-Light Engines: Hydrogen engine
Main FTL Engines: None
Not capable
Max Sub-Light Speed: 99.999 PSL
Offensive Systems
Torpedo Systems: None
Particle Beam Weapons: Engines
Primary Heavy Weapons systems: Engines
Defensive Systems
Hull Composition: Titanium plating
Countermeasures: None
Political & Chronological Information
Era(s): Humanities' golden era
Systems Commonwealth
Long Night
New Systems Commonwealth
Faction: Formally Earth government
Ships Role/Purpose: Exploration


The Bellerophon was one of humanity's most ambitious projects to map and explore the universe. It was launched in CY 8362 (Earth year 2127) by the United Earth Joint Service from Earth's orbit, and traveled at near-relativistic speeds from place to place (since Slipstream drive had not been given to humanity yet by the Systems Commonwealth), so because of the Slower-Than-Light drive, time passes in a slower fashion for them. ("The Lone And Level Sands")

Internal Layout[]

The Bellerophon has approximately 20 decks, and they are identified by letters. The crew quarters are on deck "K". The ship also has acceleration couches all over the ship, without them, people would be smashed against the wall each time the ship accelerated. The ship has a large docking hangar, and several huge cargo bays, one of which holds a badly damaged Slipfighter. The bridge is quite small, and can only hold a few people at a time, due to all the space taken up by electronics and acceleration couches.


The Bellerophon has a gigantic engine at the back of the ship that can make the ship go at near relativistic speeds and must refuel after several minutes of severe acceleration. It has 8 petal-like rudders around the engine.


The crew of the ship uses projectile weapons, both sidearms and rifles. The ship itself has no weapons, but its engine is extremely good at vaporizing enemy ships, as well as providing an element of surprise.



  • Bellerophon was a Greek hero who was crippled by Zeus for his arrogance (hubris). He tamed the Pegasus and slew the Chimaera, but believed that these deeds elevated him to godhood. When he flew Pegasus up to Mount Olympus to claim his place, he was struck down by Zeus.
  • The crew of the Bellerophon appear to be armed with the FN P90 and Walther P99 (first generation model).