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Belden University observatory
Production information
Designer: Unknown
Technical specifications
Function: Telescope
Size: World's most powerful


The Belden observatory appeared in "Deep Midnight's Voice". Dylan and Beka Valentine were taken there by Tori Leighton and Dr. Semel. It was a Government controlled observatory, masquerading as a purely scientific endeavor. Amory Sutton called the military police to arrest Dylan Hunt and Beka after eavesdropping on Dylan explaining slipstream to Tori.


  • The episode has several references to the 1950's UFO and Red Scare culture in the United States.
  • The UFO poster is a reference to the 1950's UFO and Red Scare culture in the United States. It is similar to a film poster and warns the population of an "alien" enemy.
  • Belden is a reference to several locations and the Belden Incorporated electronics company.


Tori: Say hello to Rigel two eighty five.
Dylan: Hello, Rigel two eighty five. What is it?
Tori: A star about the size of the sun, only no one's ever laid eyes on it until me.
Dylan: I knew there was something I liked about your eyes.
Tori: Okay, maybe I had a little help from the world's most powerful telescope.



Beka and Dylan in the computer room


UFO poster on the wall in the observatory