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Beka Valentine
Alias: Beka
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Planet of Origin: None
Nation-State: Eureka Maru
Andromeda Ascendant
Universe/Reality: No permanent galaxy
Date of Birth: Unknown
Profession: Smuggler
Ship Position: First Officer
Rank: Captain
Status: Alive
Played By: Lisa Ryder
Mother: Talia Waterkurk
Father: Ignatius Valentine
Brother: Raphael Valentine
Chronological and General Info
Era: Long Night
New Systems Commonwealth
Affiliation: New Systems Commonwealth
Ally: Dylan Hunt



Rebecca "Beka" Valentine is the owner of the Eureka Maru and the daughter of Ignatius Valentine and Senator Talia Waterkurk.



Beka is human but has never lived on a planet, having been born on the salvage ship Eureka Maru which had been built by her drug-addict, cargo-running father, Ignatius Valentine and his friend and business partner, Sid Barry. Beka's semi-rich mother Senator Talia Waterkurk, left the Maru Crew when she was 7, her 'Uncle' Sid also left when she was a child when he and Ignatius had a fight (sparked by Sid's murder of multiple customs officials). Beka's older brother Raphael Valentine left the Maru some time before Ignatius' death in CY 10097.


Some time after inheriting the Maru, Beka Valentine meets Bobby Jensen. They date for a while and Bobby becomes Beka's only crew member, until he lies to her about the nature of cargo they picked up on Earth with the help of Seamus Harper. (Bobby said they were transporting computers when they were actually stealing missiles.) Beka breaks up with Bobby and hires Harper, later also hiring Rev Bem, Vexpag (who later dies in an accident which was a torn pressure suit and a bad emergency seal) and Trance Gemini.

Leydon Bryce-Hawkins stated that he "always wanted to listen to the infamous Valentine music library", but Beka dismissed this as archaeology, rather than theft. Given the monetary value Rafe indicates the collection has, it seems likely others would disagree with Beka's definition.

Salvaging the Andromeda Ascendant[]

In CY 10087 the Maru pulls the Andromeda Ascendant out of the Hephaistos Black Hole while under contract with Gerentex. The crew join Dylan Hunt to restore the Systems Commonwealth and Beka becomes Andromeda's first officer and pilot. At first Beka is skeptical about Dylan's quest, taking advantage of the free food and housing provided by Andromeda. However, after a couple of years, Beka finds herself believing in the dream of a New Systems Commonwealth.

Nietzschean Progenitor[]

When trapped in the Seefra System, Beka meets Drago Museveni in disguise. With Drago having secretly taken samples of Beka's DNA, they travel back in time with Peter Museveni and are subsequently used by Drago as the genetic basis for the Nietzschean race. As Nietzscheans revere the Nietzschean progenitor, Drago Musevini, if the Nietzscheans knew of their lineage, they would also revere Beka as their Alpha matriarch as Telemachus Rhade does.


An interesting relationship blossoms between Beka and fellow crew member Tyr Anasazi, but it is not addressed by both characters until "Shadows Cast By a Final Salute". However, by then it is too late; Tyr leaves the ship, having betrayed Beka and the entire crew of the Andromeda.

Beka also possessed a close friendship with Dylan Hunt, but during season 5, was more out for herself and only helped out when it profited her. This changed however in the last episode as shown when she asks Dylan if she can fly with him always and he tells her he'd be glad and honored to always have her by his side.


Beka has inherited altered genes from her father - as a result, she has superior reactions and is stronger than the average human. She also has Nanotechnology in her hair which allows her to change its color at will. These were implanted by her father when she was a child which, as she explains to Trance Gemini, he designed because "having one hair color was boring." Beka's hair nanobots also store data on a molecular level, something Beka only realizes after she’s interrogated by her father's old business partner and Beka's "uncle", Sid Barry. Barry believes that Beka knows the location of some data (a video incriminating both Barry and Beka's father) which her father hid when she was a child. Beka uncovers the video and uses it to bargain for her life with Barry, after he reprograms the Eureka Maru's autopilot to fly her into the sun to destroy the evidence.

Alternate Timelines[]

Trance's Future[]

In the specific "bad future" which Trance returns to fix, Beka was sent on a mission to destroy the local sun in order to incinerate the waves of unknown dimensional aliens. She and Trance were aboard the Maru, but Beka deployed the Nova bomb "Rosanne" too soon, before Andromeda and the allied fleet could escape. The result was the Andromeda was lost, leaving Beka and Trance to fight the Spirit of the Abyss on their own. Beka becomes gravely injured in many fights, to the point where Trance mentions she’s had to reattach her head, and slowly loses her humanity. At some point it would seem Beka and Trance picked up a child on their adventures but their name, nor appearance, was ever given.


In Robert Hewitt Wolfe's original fan-fiction Coda, where he best lays out his vision for the series, Beka's purpose was to obtain the Engine of Creation, a device that has the ability to shape the universe according to the user's needs, and was created by the Lucifers, Trance's faction of individuals. Beka uses the Engine to resurrect her dead father, Ignatius, and to restore the Andromeda after it's blown apart. She even goes as far as to restore a planet that was destroyed (presumably by Magog or their allies). Eventually, Beka becomes a single entity with the Engine, and has a showdown with the Abyss, absorbing it and becoming a brand new entity, putting an end to the great war.

In Season 2, Beka does indeed acquire a piece of the Engine, which was said to have been broken into 5 pieces and scattered across Known Space. Nothing came out of this in the series after Wolfe's departure.

Commonwealth Reality[]

Beka, known as General Valentine, is in command of a faction of rebels on Monument Planet, a world dedicated to the life and legacy of Capt. Dylan Hunt. She’s leading the rebels against Commander Seamus Harper and Chief Telemachus Rhade and their High Guard police. Beka wants the true commonwealth restored. After Dylan’s brought to her, she initially thinks he’s an android sent by Harper to detonate and kill her, but she’s soon proved wrong when she’s on the cobweb riddled Andromeda Ascendant and sees Dylan bring the ship to life. Later giving her classic line: "I'm not saluting you, or calling you captain". As all of Harpers' men are captured, Rommie admits to Beka that they’re not a bad team, which Beka agrees. Dylan gives them a final goodbye.


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