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Be All My Sins Remembered
Bobby making his case to Beka


Production #


Original air date

February 11, 2002

Story by

Jill Sherwin

Written by

Ethlie Ann Vare

Directed by

Allan Eastman

Developed by

Robert Hewitt Wolfe


Sherry Gorval

Executive Producer

Allan Eastman
Majel Roddenberry
Robert Hewitt Wolfe
Josanne B. Lovick
Jay Firestone
Adam Haight
Kevin Sorbo

Production Designer

Richard B. Lewis

Guest stars

Costas Mandylor as Bobby Jensen
Heather Hanson as Margot
Berend McKenzie as Lem

Preceded by

Lava and Rockets

Followed by

Dance of the Mayflies

"I trust fast poison
The stars to wink out
And you, my love - and you."
"The Void"
Minstrel d'Becevex
CY 9905

"Be All My Sins Remembered" is episode 14 of Season 2.


The Regular Cast of Andromeda Season 2


This episode involves several flashback segments. Text in italics represents these flashbacks.

Beka Valentine and Tyr Anasazi are wrestling, training in hand-to-hand combat, when Dylan Hunt enters. He has received a message for Beka. An old boyfriend of hers, Bobby Jensen has died, and she was listed as next of kin, so she has been requested to come and identify the body. Beka says that Dylan needs her here, not wanting to go, but Dylan encourages her to go.

The Andromeda Ascendant is assisting in disaster relief, so Beka takes the Eureka Maru. Trance Gemini offers to go with her, concerned, but Beka reassures her that she is "over" Bobby, and does not need anyone to come with her. Dylan, however, insists on accompanying her, as does Harper. Harper says that he just wants to be sure that Bobby is dead, he obviously did not like Bobby.

While Beka is piloting, Dylan asks Harper to tell him about Bobby. Harper has a holographic record of the first time he came on board the Maru, and met Bobby. It is clear that they did not get along from the start.

When the Maru comes out of Slipstream, they find themselves in a minefield. They are forced to shut down their engines and call for help from the Andromeda, by hailing a nearby courier ship. While they are waiting for the Andromeda, Dylan asks Beka to tell him about Bobby. Beka says that she thinks Dylan would have liked Bobby.

Beka was working with Bobby, making "dubious" cargo runs. Bobby encouraged Beka to find a cause to fight for he tells her that he has found a world where a mining company is forcing the indigenous people, the Mugani, to mine the radioactive material, Thorium 232. He tried to organize a union, but the company is fighting against it.

Beka was arranging to pick up a load of computers on Earth. Bobby had made a deal with a contact: "Seamus something Harper". Bobby said that Harper wanted a way off Earth, but he plans to dump him off the ship at the first opportunity.

Harper protests that this demonstrates Bobby's bias against him from the start, but Beka reminds him that Bobby saved his life.

When Beka and Harper were "acquiring" their cargo from a warehouse, they were caught by Nietzschean guards, who begin shooting. Bobby arrived with a large gun, and rescued them.

As they were leaving Earth, Nietzschean fighters attacked. They hid near Saturn, and Beka wanted to dump the cargo. Harper mentioned that the cargo was surface-to-air missiles, which caught Beka by surprise; Bobby had lied to her. Bobby protested that he was taking the missiles to the Mugani, to fight for their freedom, and if he had told Beka what they really were, she would not have agreed to carry them.

Harper rigged the missiles to act as mines, and Beka attempted to use them, but Bobby had overridden the controls, from the cargo area. Beka told Harper to go back and stop Bobby, promising him a place to stay if he did so. Harper jumped Bobby, but Bobby was too strong, and grabbed him. Beka came back to save Harper, pointing a gun at Bobby and making him release Harper. Harper then dropped the missiles and destroyed the Nietzscheans. Bobby claimed that this was the perfect cause for Beka, but Beka said that she does not "do causes", she only looks out for herself. After this, she kicked Bobby off the ship.

Beka wonders if she made the right choice, but she is glad that the cause that "picked her" was Dylan and the rest of the crew.

The Eureka Maru is boarded by Bobby, who now has some cybernetic enhancements. He has two accomplices with him his girlfriend, Margot, and Lem, a Mugani. They hold Dylan, Beka, and Harper at gunpoint.

Bobby explains that the Mugani have risen up against the offworld colonists, but the war is not going well. The colonists are better armed, and the Mugani need help. He explains that if he had told the truth, and asked Beka for help, she would not have come, so he sent the notice of his death instead.

Dylan declares that the Andromeda will not negotiate with hostage-takers. Bobby protests that it is for a good cause: The Mugani are oppressed, and three missile strikes on key cities will provide all the support they need. He says that he will stay to rule them, because they are not ready to rule themselves.

Bobby forces Dylan to send a scripted message to the Andromeda, asking for assistance. Dylan does so, but by blinking his eyes in a pattern, he is able to send the message Argosy Code 145. Dylan is being held hostage and Andromeda should arrive prepared to fire on his location.

Dylan is locked in a storage area on the Maru, under Lem's guard. Lem tells Dylan that the Mugani lived in the swamps, and the colonists drained the swamps. He just wants the colonists to leave.

Beka tries to convince Bobby to let Harper and Dylan go. She notes that Bobby is acting more ruthlessly than he used to, but she offers to stay with him, if he lets the others go. Subsequently, he does not believe her.

Margot checks in on Dylan, saying that Lem is sleeping. She runs down the Mugani, calling them "mugwumps". She says that she is just here for Bobby, and does not really care about the Mugani - she just wants to be "queen". When she leaves, Lem steps out of hiding nearby, and considers what she said.

The Andromeda arrives, and immediately grabs the Maru with grappling harpoons and Bucky cables. Andromeda refuses to open communications, and Dylan tells Bobby that she will not negotiate with a hostage taker. Bobby forces the issue by setting the Maru's Antiproton Storage Tanks to overload in 20 minutes, and sends a message to Andromeda.

Lem tells Dylan that he believes that Bobby will win, but Dylan tries to show him that Bobby is not really on his side.

Rommie and Tyr are considering their options. Tyr says that their choices are to allow the Maru to explode, destroying both ships, or to destroy the Maru pre-emptively, saving Andromeda. Rommie says that the choice rests with Tyr, the acting captain.

Beka disarms Margot, and they fight. Beka throws Margot off the catwalk, breaking her neck. In the confusion, Lem slips Dylan the key for the compartment he is locked in. Beka confronts Bobby, and shoots him, but the bullets are deflected by his cybernetic armour, knocking some cables loose. Bobby tosses Beka aside, knocking her unconscious.

Dylan gets the lock open, and attacks Bobby, but is not doing well. Beka, behind them, revives, and uses a loose cable to electrocute Bobby. Dylan sends Lem to free Harper and fix the Antiproton Storage Tanks.

Afterwards, Dylan assists in peace negotiations between the Mugani and the colonists.


  • The title is a reference to "be all my sins forgotten".
  • The Hamlet quote used in the title omits the preceding "Nymph, in thine orisons". It occurs in the play as Hamlet's feigned madness grows, and may refer also to the increasing deception on Tyr's part.
  • This episode had to be revised so many times, for various reasons, that it acquired the off-screen nickname "Be All My Scripts Rewritten".

Memorable Quotes[]

Tyr: This warship and her capabilities it make us complacent. We may have to engage the enemy using nothing but our teeth and nails. (Beka bites him.) Ow!

Dylan: (on screen) Tyr, you've got command. I know you'll display the appropriate sensitivity and diplomacy in dealing with the Chichin. (Tyr hangs up, and Rommie re-opens the channel) And, Tyr don't break my ship.

Harper: You flew us into a minefield?
Beka: Well, it wasn't supposed to be there, was it? So, mea very culpa.

Harper: (the Maru shakes) Is that normal?
Beka: Missile to the aft-cargo-pot, by the feel of it. What's the matter, no-one ever shoot at you before?
Harper: Yeah, but I've never been shot in the aft.

Beka: Did you do it? Is it going to work?
Harper: Is my name Seamus Zelazny Harper?
Beka: God, I hope not!

Beka: I don't "do causes," Bobby.
Bobby: No, Beka, everyone "does causes." The only question is: Will you pick yours, or will it pick you?

Rommie: Perhaps you would prefer that I de-materialize Dylan's body from the Maru and magically re-materialize it here, on command?