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Forming the backbone of the Nietzschean military, the Nietzschean Battlecruisers are the primary capital ships behind their war efforts. Though the exact dimensions are unknown, it is clear that ships of this design are considerably smaller than Glorious Heritage Class warships, or any High Guard warship for that matter. To counter the effects of the vessel's shortcomings, they are often employed as part of a large taskforce, using superior numbers to overwhelm enemy targets. In addition, the average Nietzschean battlecruiser has squadrons of Garuda class heavy fighters under its command.


The Nietzschean Battlecruisers were first introduced during the Battle of Hephaistos, the first conflict in the First Systems Commonwealth Civil War, where there were a 10,000 battlecruisers along with their accompanying complements of Garuda class heavy fighters. They were set up to ambush High Guard vessels, mostly military and relief ships, using overwhelming firepower to destroy them quickly, before a signal could be sent out to alert the rest of the Commonwealth of the betrayal. It was also believed that these battlecruisers were created from starliners and transports that were under Nietzschean control, or those that they could find and convert to warships. Due to the Nietzscheans' concept of constant maneuvering and fighting, these ships could have been outfitted the same way, having very limited defensive abilities. These warships were probably used throughout the entire Civil War as the main warships within the Nietzschean warfleet, helping them destroy the High Guard forces until the Battle of Witchhead. After the Battle and the beginning of the Long Night, the Nietzschean prides continued to use these as their main warships in the fights amongst themselves and against any outside forces. It could stand to reason that these ships were upgraded from the original modified freighters and transports that were used 300 years prior.


Starships of this design appear to utilize forward mounted missile batteries in combat. Although the exact specifications are unclear, it is also likely that the ships have an array of Electromagnetic Launch System missile tubes commonly used by most capital ships in the known worlds. It was also possible for the Nietzscheans to add special weapons like a gamma ray burster to the ship, even though this could carry great risk. At first glance, the battlecruisers appear to be nothing more than transports to those unaware of their design configuration, giving them the element of surprise against enemy forces, who would not likely open fire at first sight of them.


Since the vessels are relatively small these ships seem to have no known ablative armor or Battle Blades, as are often seen on High Guard battleships. These battlecruisers probably depend on Point Defense Lasers for protection against enemy fighters and projectiles.



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