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Battle of Tarazed

Second Systems Commonwealth Civil War


High orbit over Tarazed


New Systems Commonwealth fleet decimated
Nietzschean Prides stand down


Systems Commonwealth

Assorted Nietzschean prides


Various capital ships and lesser ships

Vessels from various Nietzschean prides



Unknown, but significant


The Battle of Tarazed was a battle between the Systems Commonwealth and the Nietzscheans.


Shortly after the Andromeda arrived back in Known Space, the Nietzscheans began their attack on the Commonwealth Capital, Tarazed. The Triumvirate, with the help of Telemachus Rhade who has returned to lead their High Guard, comes to the realization that there is no where left to run, and that fighting is their only option. They also fight because they realize that if they do not make a stand against the Nietzschean forces, that they will be perceived as weak, and will also face threats from countless other worlds that will challenge the Commonwealths' supremacy. This battle took place in the year CY 10091 (also referred to as 5165 CE or 307 AFC).


The attack initially consisted of the Drago-Kazov Pride and Mandau Pride, however they were quickly joined by the Sabra-Jaguar Pride and eventually Orca Pride bringing the total number of ships to 2,103. Nietzschean infantry was to land on the planet and begin their attacks on the populace.

Dylan Hunt believes that no matter what the outcome of the battle is decided, and that fighting doesn't matter and that the Nietzscheans are being guided by another force. Once the Nietzschean Fleet is closer he launches his attack by flying straight into the oncoming ships and firing, "40 Salvos Direct Offensive Missiles followed by 40 Salvos Hunter-Killer Drones". By this point Nietzschean Ground Troops have located Rhade and Beka Valentine and have begun their wave attacks on them.

Andromeda's attack run was able to break up the Nietzschean Fleet and they began reloading in an effort to keep up the pressure and avoid giving the Nietzscheans room to breathe or regroup. The Andromeda continues its attack while it diverts much of its repair ability to Sector 55, an area of the ship responsible for Life Support which has taken a direct hit.

While the attacks continue on the surface Beka attempts to convince Rhade to leave with her, he refuses her request and tells her to leave while aiming his gun at her. He believes he can focus the Nietzschean attack on his position enough that it will give the Andromeda time to escape. Dylan realizes that Maura has been working with Spirit of the Abyss all along when she tries to convince him to flee to Seefra System and a brief fight breaks out in which Trance Gemini intervenes.

Beka returns to the Andromeda using her position as Alpha Matriarch to clear a path. Trance takes the ship through the Route of Ages back to Seefra to the dismay of Maura. The Abyss is able to follow them through and once on the other side they use Trance's sun to kill the Abyss as it passes into the System. With the death of the Abyss the Route of Ages turns into a Slipstream portal to Tarn-Vedra, reuniting it with the known worlds. A Commonwealth fleet then exited slipstream, and announced that the battle above Tarazed was over, and that the Nietzscheans have stood down.

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