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The Battle of Samsarra

Battle for Samsarra


Samsarra System


Commonwealth Victory


Systems Commonwealth

Pyrian Empire


Andromeda Ascendant
Unknown Siege Perilous Class ship
Sabra-Jaguar Pride frigates
Perseid Vessels
Castalian Republic corvettes

40 Torchships
2 Pyrian Dropships


Roughly 30 ships

Roughly 50 percent of the fleet


The Battle of Samsarra was a battle between the Systems Commonwealth and the Pyrians over the territorial ownership of the planet of Samsarra.


The Andromeda had gone to Samsarra because the Commonwealth colonists had sent a distress call. The Pyrians had dropped 24 atmosphere generators that were spewing carbon dioxide, methane, and carbon sulfides into their atmosphere, and left without a word to the colonists. Left in place, the generators would have rendered the planet uninhabitable to oxygen-breathing life within a month. The Andromeda destroyed all of the generators, and Captain Hunt called for the combined Commonwealth fleet to blockade Samsarra. Several hours after he sent the call for backup, Rommie detected Pyrian ships entering the system.

The Battle[]

The Pyrian fleet was a huge battle group made of several dozen Torchships, 2 Dropships, and other escort craft. The Andromeda Ascendant was badly outnumbered. The Pyrians had brought replacement Atmosphere Generators with them, even though it was impossible for them to detect that their other generators had been destroyed. They somehow knew to bring new ones. The crew on the Andromeda Ascendant thought that the Pyrians had an exterior motive, because there were thousands of unclaimed planets that could suit their needs, but they chose Samsarra. The Andromeda Ascendant was willing to negotiate, but the Pyrians simply took up battle ready positions. The Pyrians fired the first shot without provocation, and as usual they fired Artificial Gravity Mass Packets to slow the Andromeda down. Seamus Harper, however, disposed of the packets with Nanobots. The Andromeda Ascendant fired missiles from all 40 of her missile tubes for cover as they retreated behind Samsarra's moon. The Pyrians ignored them because they considered the Andromeda]] not to be a threat. The Andromeda Ascendant then launched Slipfighters to blockade Samsarra, with Beka Valentine leading the wave. The Andromeda also launched combat drones. Pyrian Torchships then moved to engage the Slipfighters. The Andromeda Ascendant launched more missiles to help the slipfighters, but the Pyrians launched a stream of missiles towards the planet to depopulate it, so Dylan Hunt ordered the evacuation. All the while, they are still being pelted by Artificial Gravity Mass Packets. the Slipfighters were having a hard time because of the massive number of enemy ships, and they needed to regroup. 2 Torchships moved to directly engage the Andromeda Ascendant. The Andromeda Ascendant recalled the fighters so that she could protect herself, and a Slipfighter, piloted by Cadet Frymire, was destroyed on the way back. Finally, the Commonwealth fleet showed up. it was made of Nietzcheans, Than-Thre-Kull, and their member races. The Wrath of Achilles was among the ships arriving. The Systems Commonwealth fleet engaged the Pyrians, and inflicted heavy damage. The combined efforts of the Systems Commonwealth fleet drove the Pyrians onto the defensive, and in order to get to a Slippoint, they had to go through the Systems Commonwealth. Captain Hunt issued an ultimatum - "you have 20 minutes to leave Samsarra". The fighters drew the torchships away from the Dropships to leave them vulnerable, and the Andromeda fired at them. They destroyed the 2 Dropships, but Rommie had bad news: more Torchships had emerged from the far side of the star, and the Commonwealth fleet was taking heavy damage, with several ships destroyed. Andromeda claimed that nobody is good enough to anticipate the destruction of their atmosphere generators, that Andromeda would evacuate the colonists, and that they would destroy the drop ships. Rommie was astonished because of how many steps ahead the Pyrians were. Rommie disovered that there was an unauthorized transmission going to the Pyrians from inside the Andromeda. Then, Dylan received word from the Commonwealth admiralty that Pyrian fleets all over the 3 galaxies had been mobilized and were moving against unallied worlds. The Commonwealth had deployed the Twelve Centuries and the Achillies, but they were stretched too thin. They were even trying to form military alliances with the Than-Thre-Kull, Kaldareans, and almost any other race with a space fleet. Tyr Anasazi found out that Trance was the one sending the messages, but not to the Pyrians; she was talking to her home. The Pyrians started to probe the Andromeda's defenses, which was not a good sign. Just as Dylan gave the order to retreat to Xinti orbit and regroup, Trance showed up in the Command Center. Trance revealed that another of her race was with the Pyrians, and helping them with their ability to see possible futures. So, Dylan ordered every ship in the fleet to bombard the planet with any missiles they had left, and eventually the entire planet exploded, denying the Pyrians their planet. Upon the destruction of the planet, the other Avatar spoke to Dylan and told him that the entire battle was a test, to see if the Commonwealth had the resolve to stand up to the oncoming Magog invasion force. She concluded by saying that they had passed admirably, and that the Pyrians would like to open negotiations for a treaty.


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