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Battle of Herodotus

First Systems Commonwealth Civil War




Planetside, and in orbit around the planet Herodotus


Both sides decimated
Destruction of planet
Stranding of the Pax Magellanic in system


Systems Commonwealth

Nietzschean Forces


General Sky Falls in Thunder
Captain Warrick

Unknown Nietzschean


Pax Magellanic
Lancer Corps
Unknown Commonwealth capital vessels
Ground based missile defenses

Nietzschean Troops
Nietzschean Frigates


All Commonwealth forces except the Pax Magellanic

All Nietzschean Forces


The Battle of Herodotus was a major, days long, battle fought during the final months of the Nietzschean Uprising on and in orbit above the planet Herodotus.

The battle was fought over control of a vital Slipstream Nexus the Systems Commonwealth forces could use to attack Nietzschean strategic assets across the galaxy. Realizing this, the Nietzschean Alliance mobilized a battle group with the intention of taking this important Nexus from the High Guard, and using it to further their own war plans against the Commonwealth. In defense of the system the planet had been fortified planetside as well as in space to fend off the approaching Nietzschean fleet. Hoping that the conditions created by the nexus, the merger of its various slip points which forced ships to drop out of FTL for several minutes to change slipstream junctions, would assist in the High Guard's struggle and essentially act as a natural fortification. Unfortunately the Nietzscheans' superior numbers overran the Commonwealth ships and orbital defenders, as well as the ground forces under the command of Than General Sky Falls in Thunder, who quickly became overwhelmed by enemy firepower.

Accepting that the battle was lost, the High Guard sent the Pax Magellanic to rescue the contingent of Lancers under the command of General Sky Falls who had been pinned down by the Nietzscheans. In this effort the Pax deployed all of her 4,000+ crew members, including Captain Warrick, to assist in close combat on the ground; however, they too were overrun, but not before Warrick called down friendly fire on his own position. As this was happening, Nitezscheans were on their way to board the "Pax Magellanic". To prevent this Captain Warrick ordered the ship's Artificial Intelligence, named Jill Pearce, to destroy herself. However, Pearce was in a relationship with her Captain and thought that his order to kill him and herself, instead of escaping to San-Ska-Re, was a major personal and romantic betrayal. Spurned, she ejected the Pax's Exotic Matter Pulsar at the planet. The planet exploded, spreading its debris all over the system, and stranding the Pax in the system, because non-relativistic travel would have taken hundreds of years.


  • Herodotus (Ancient Greek: Ἡρόδοτος Hēródotos) was the so-called "father of history", whose narratives wandered between factual record and mythic interpretation.
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