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Battle of Enga's Redoubt 2
Battle of Enga's Redoubt

Second Systems Commonwealth Civil War


High orbit over Enga's Redoubt


New Systems Commonwealth fleet decimated


Systems Commonwealth

Nietzschean Pride


Various capital ships and lesser ships

Vessels from various anti-Commonwealth factions


Most of the New Systems Commonwealth fleet

Unknown, but significant


The Battle of Enga's Redoubt occurred in the Drago-Kazov Pride's home system. The main battle took place above the planet Enga's Redoubt. The huge battle that ensued nearly crushed the restored Systems Commonwealth, and the cause of battle is shrouded in mystery. In its aftermath, the Andromeda's crew had to once again reorganize the Commonwealth fleet.


The battle started as Tyr Anasazi sabotaged Andromeda's nagivational and slipstream drive systems prompting them to arrive in Enga's Redoubt's orbit. Tyr had previously changed his DNA and struck a deal with the Drago-Kazov Pride in his attempt to unite the Nietzschean Prides. He promised the Andromeda Ascendant as a trophy to the Dragans, however secretly, Tyr hoped that Dylan would go to Slipstream, which would force the sabotaged, dysfunctional Andromeda to eject its slipstream core and wipe out Enga's Redoubt. Hunt refused to eject the slipstream core, thus sparing the Drago-Kazov homeworld.

The Battle[]

Meanwhile, several fleets of warships including the main Commonwealth Fleet, Ogami, Kalderans, other Nietzscheans, and many others jumped into the system. The various factions teamed up against the Commonwealth Fleet. The Commonwealth engaged those forces in a massive battle. Commonwealth command ordered Dylan Hunt and Andromeda to stay out of the fight and await further instructions. The Andromeda and her crew were unable to help as they were practically temporarily disabled by Tyr's treachery. They could only watch as the Commonwealth Fleet was nearly completely destroyed, and they themselves only barely managed to escape the destruction.

Afterwards, Andromeda and her crew find out that the battle was instigated by subversive Collectors within the Systems Commonwealth. In fact, the former Minister of Defense of the restored Systems Commonwealth, Paroo, was a Collector allied with the Spirit of the Abyss who orchestrated the battle in order to discredit Dylan Hunt and Andromeda's crew.


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