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Battle of Brandenburg Tor
Battle of Brandenburg Tor

Magog-Commonwealth War


C.Y. 9766


Muttawalis Globular Cluster
Andromeda Galaxy


Commonwealth military forced to retreat; local population slaughtered


Systems Commonwealth



Commonwealth Fleet

Magog Vessels


Commonwealth Fleet
Local High Guard forces
Home Guard



The Battle of Brandenburg Tor was the first major encounter and battle fought between the Systems Commonwealth and the Magog.

Very little is known about the battle, except that the previously unknown Magog descended en masse upon the planet and its orbital defenses, destroying everything in sight. The Commonwealth forces put up a token amount of resistance, but the planet quickly fell. The entire population, an estimated three billion citizens, mostly Nietzscheans, were killed. The news of the devastation visited on the colony was a complete shock, sending ripples of fear and uncertainty throughout the Commonwealth, which hadn't been attacked in over 1,200 years. The Abyss itself oversaw the sacking of the planet, but the Abyss did not know that the sacking was being recorded. This recording later revealed the Abyss's existence to the crew of the Andromeda. After it was over, the planet was quarantined by the Systems Commonwealth and later ceded to the Magog by the Treaty of Antares. The fall of Brandenburg Tor was considered to be one of the greatest tragedies in Commonwealth history.


When the battle became public knowledge, the Triumvir Spring Rivers Flowing gave this speech in order to give a sense of calm to the Systems Commonwealths frightened citizens.

I have never visited Brandenburg Tor, never seen its glittering spires, its elegant orbital habitats, its soaring cloud forests, or even one of its five million lakes. I have never met any of its proud inhabitants: Human and Nietzschean, Perseid and Than, Ksarti and Borineek, all working side by side in harmony on their breathtaking gem of a world. I have never met them.

And now I never will.

Brandenburg Tor is no more. Its three billion citizens are all dead or dying. Its cities lie in ruins. Its lakes are fouled with blood. Its forests burn with unrelenting fire.

On the tenth day of Seknet, a previously unknown enemy invaded Brandenburg Tor. These creatures, whom our military have code-named the Magog, struck without warning. Brandenburg Tor's Home Guard fought bravely, but, outnumbered a hundred to one, they soon fell. The victorious Magog slaughtered indiscriminately, feasting on the dead. They destroyed everything they touched, burning and looting unchecked. Now Brandenburg Tor is theirs, the despoiled prize of a cowardly and brutal attack.

But this aggression will not stand. This brutality will not go unchecked. And the people of Brandenburg Tor will not go unavenged.

Even as I speak to you, the brave sentients of the High Guard venture forth to do battle with this new and dangerous foe. With them go our hopes and our prayers. The High Guard will not rest- WE will not rest until this threat to our lives and our liberty has been expunged. Until the citizens of the Systems Commonwealth can enjoy the blessings of Peace once more.

May Infinity embrace the departed souls of Brandenburg Tor. May Fate guide and protect the brave members of the High Guard. And may Destiny shine on us all.

Long live the Systems Commonwealth!!

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