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Battle of Arkology

Magog Invasion




Apparent destruction of the Andromeda Ascendant
Andromeda Ascendant, Eureka Maru, senior officers, and portions of Arkology are transported to Seefra System by Trance Gemini
Arkology effectively destroyed


Andromeda Ascendant
Citizens of Arkology



Dylan Hunt
Trance Gemini (After Dylan Hunt's Departure)

Spirit of the Abyss
Rev Bem's Great Grandson


Andromeda Ascendant
Eureka Maru
Citizens of Arkology

World Ship
Swarm Ships
Satellite Ships
Magog Warriors


Louisa Messereau
All crew aboard Andromeda except for senior officers
All citizens of Arkology

World Ship severely damaged
Swarm Ships and Satellite Ships destroyed
Millions of warriors


The Battle of Arkology was a massive confrontation between the World Ship and the crew of the Andromeda Ascendant defending the pacificist orbital colony, Arkology.


The Andromeda Ascendant discovered an unmarked, unarmed ship under attack by ships from a rogue Commonwealth faction that were subsequently destroyed by the Andromeda. The pilot of the unarmed ship, a Nietzschean woman named Louisa Messereau, contacted Andromeda and she along with her passenger Ambassador Galdamez of Arkology are brought into the hangar. Onboard Andromeda, Galdamez claims to have returned from a "successful" negotiation with the Magog on the Magog World Ship. The crew are shocked to hear this but Galdamez insists that the Magog leaders are very civilized. Suddenly, Galdamez collapses and dies as Magog hatchlings burst from his stomach. Dylan and the crew kill the larvae and escort Louisa back to Arkology, a massive space station over 36 kilometers long. Realizing the World Ship would soon arrive Dylan speaks to Arkology's council about evacuating but despite his warnings, they refuse to leave. With great trepidation the crew of the Andromeda dig in and prepare for the Magog onslaught.

The Battle[]

The Worldship, which had been tracked since it entered the galaxy, arrived and powered up its Point Singularity Projector. The PSP fired, and blew a gaping hole through Arkology. Magog then attack and invade Arkology and the Andromeda Ascendant. Harper turned up the artificial gravity on Arkology to slow down the progress of the Magog. On Andromeda, Dylan and Trance hide from the Magog, and the Andromeda informs Dylan that the entire crew has been killed. He orders all Nova bombs be fired into the artificial sun of the World Ship, but they have little effect. Harper manages to release the anchors holding Arkology and takes the station to a slippoint.

Sensing that all is lost, Dylan enters the Route of Ages in a Slipfighter. Trance stays on board and gets her Bonsai Tree and goes to Command. She says goodbye to everyone, and then the power dies on Andromeda. Trance begins to glow, then manifests her true self as a sun. Andromeda is consumed in a ball of light as the ship enters the Worldship structure, and the Worldship was destroyed.


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