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Battle Blades Extended
Song Information
Composer(s) David Fang
Artist(s) David Fang
Released October 23, 2008
Length 2:34

Battle Blades Extended is a track off of the album Andromeda Coda: The Musical Journey. "The Captain and his Ship (Song)" theme is introduced in this track once again. It is based on the quote from the Coda,

"Dylan Hunt, with the help of his legendary ship, the Andromeda Ascendant, re-establishes the Systems Commonwealth.
Fear of Tyr Anasazi and the Magog help him unite the Than-Thre-Kull, the Perseids, and many others into a great society.
Dylan proves himself over and over as a great leader.
And eventually he leads his new Commonwealth into a great war against Tyr and Tyr’s allies."

- Andromeda Coda

This piece is interesting as you can hear the sudden change in sound quality and performance strength. The composer, David Fang, was unsatisfied with the 'attack' of the previous Garritan Orchestra. As a result, this is the first piece rendered by the much more powerful East West Quantum Leap library.

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