The New Systems Commonwealth Wiki
Manufacturer: Custom designed and made by a Chichin
Pursuit vessel
Fast attack interceptor
Role: Patrol duties
Length: 5
Beam: 1.5
Draft: 2
Sections: 1
Crew Complement: 1
Skeleton Crew: 1
Passenger Capacity: 0
Cargo Capacity: No space
Drive/Computer Systems
Main FTL Propulsion: Custom designed Slipstream
Sub-Light Propulsion: MPD thrusters
Main Computer Systems: Non-sentient computer
Systems Modifier: Chichin
Sensor Systems: Minimal
Offensive/Defensive Systems
Chronological and General Info
Era(s): Long Night
Faction: Takilov Drift Security Forces


The Banshee is Takilov Drift's pursuit vessel and interdiction raider for spaceships. They are specialized ships that have been custom designed and made by a Chichin, at great cost, to be smaller than a Slipfighter, but still have a Slipstream drive. However, the ships are very tiny and the cramped cockpit is close to the engines, which get very hot. The cabin is unpressurized, and pilots have to adjust their EVA suits to cool themselves. They can go over 42 PSL. Their slipstream drives are not meant to be used repetitively over a short period of time, as this results in the engine overheating and shutting down. The ride through slipstream is very rough, and often makes pilots sick. Takilov Drift bought 6 of them at a very high price, but they have been worth it, as they are so effective at pursuing and catching fleeing or escaping ships that they have paid for themselves in a short period of time. When the squad of Banshees were chasing Beka Valentine and the Eureka Maru, 2 were damaged and 1 overheated when they pursued her, and were fired on, during several quick slipstream jumps.



  • The Banshee is the messenger of death in Irish mythology. A banshee will wail if someone is about to die.