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Balance of Judgment-1
Balance of Judgement
Class: Siege Perilous
Length: 666m
Beam: 471m
Draft: 211m
Inertial Mass: 18,045,521 kg
Current Status: Destroyed
Crew Manifest
Crew Complement: 212
Ship's Avatar: Gabriel (destroyed), Remiel (destroyed)


The Balance of Judgment is a Siege Perilous Class vessel. It is the founder and leader of the Restorian Movement.

Surviving the fall of the Commonwealth, the Judgment fought against pirates, slavers and other threats to peaceful worlds. Over time, its Artificial Intelligence logic became twisted, believing space travel was the main threat to peace in the universe, and, in order to stop space travel, it founded the Restorians to cure the universe of this "plague".

The Balance's original avatar, named Gabriel, fell in love with Rommie. Gabriel used this love against her and betrayed her. Rommie was enraged and destroyed him in revenge. In the seconds before the Balance of Judgement was destroyed, he uploaded and hid a copy of his Artificial Intelligence inside Rommie. ("Star-Crossed")

Three years later, while the Andromeda was being upgraded in drydock, and a new ship, the Resolution of Hector, the Artificial Intelligence asserted itself as Remiel, hijacking both Rommie and the Resolution of Hector. In the Resolution of Hector's Artificial Intelligence mainframe, Rommie gets the Balance of Judgement Artificial Intelligence to change his mind and let the Systems Commonwealth crew go. Once the Artificial Intelligence tells the avatar of what he did, Remiel wasn't too pleased and went on a rampage to one of the hangers and Rommie ends up fighting him and tosses him into deep space.

After being recovered, the Perseids deleted the Balance's Artificial Intelligence programming from all the compromised computer systems. ("Day of Judgement, Day of Wrath")

Gabriel had a talk with Captain Hunt when he was still the Balance of Judgement. He said this: "All he wanted to do was to serve and protect, even after his crew was killed during the Nietzschean uprising. He did it the only way he knew how." Dylan cut in: "By waging war." Gabriel continued: "First it was pirates, then poachers, and the strip miners. Tiny little steps bringing him here." Dylan said: "To destroy the Andromeda."


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