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Gender: Male
Species: Human
Profession: Caretaker of the Methus Plate
Status: Dead
Played By: Don S. Davis


Avineri was a native of the town of Boyagen on Seefra-1. He was the caretaker of the Methus Plate. He had a daughter by the name, Mala Propina.

When Virgil Vox led Beka Valentine to Boyagen, she pretended to be his daughter to get close to him and get the treasure. He leads her through a holographic false section of the Remembrance Wall, which revealed Virgil Vox's hidden studio, where he gives her a special crystal encoded with a message from Virgil and puts her into a Virtual Reality matrix. He locked her in when RBarton and his men arrived, which resulted in him being taken and tortured for information concerning Beka and Vox.

After Dylan, Rhade, and Beka rescue him, Beka takes back to his home and confesses that she isn't his daughter but, at that point, it doesn't matter to him as he trusts her. He then instructs her to place her hand on the wall and say her name. She says her name: Beka Valentine, but nothing happens, then at Avineri's prompting, she speaks the name Mala Propina and the wall activates revealing the Methus Plate which she retrieves. He dies immediately afterwards. ("The Eschatology of Our Present")