The New Systems Commonwealth Wiki

Gender: Genderless (appears female)
Species: Celestial Avatar
Status: Dead
Played By: Sonya Salomaa


Aurelia was a blind avatar in possession of the Star Map that led to the Route of Ages.

Aurelia sacrificed her life to save Dylan's. As she was dying, she tells Dylan that Trance Gemini knows how to use the Route of Ages and that she is their only guide. ("Soon the Nearing Vortex")



Aurelia: The map of everywhere.
Dylan: It's Tarn-Vedra. Is it still there?
Aurelia: The map knows only truth.
Harper: Boss. Earth. See? One moon.
Aurelia: Life is wherever you look. Older than you can imagine. The universe is alive with life.
Dylan: With death as well. We were hoping to find some answers.
Aurelia: Yes, I know. I am Aurelia. And this, then, Trance Gemini?
Trance: I feel like I haven't been here in so long, have I?
Aurelia: Time is useless. You're here now.
Aurelia: What would you like to see?
Trance: I would like to see that which I fear the most.
Aurelia: As you wish.
Trance: There. Over there.
Aurelia: Unmapped. Unwelcome. It is good to fear it.