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An asteroid is a piece of celestial debris that varies in size. They are located in a solar system that usually orbits a larger planetary body. Asteroids are usually clustered in a large belt with thousands of others. Asteroids are usually extremely rich in metals are ore, as they are usually formed by the destruction of a planet as the result of a catastrophic impact or other destructive phenomenon. They are invaluable to spacefaring species because they are a free and abundant source of resources, and most spaceships, especially military vessels, are dependent upon them, as they grab asteroids and send out swarms of nanomites to mine the rock for materials that are used in numerous ways; such as weaponry, repairs, and other uses. Several Asteroids have been hollowed out for use as homes, military bases, and scientific experiments because of either their isolated locations or their easy of access.

Every spacefaring race uses them as a source of protection, materials, living facilities, and many other things. The Systems Commonwealth, Nietzscheans, and Knights of Genetic Purity are prominent organizations and species that use them. Nietzscheans and other human derivative species often make their homes by hollowing out asteroids, as they offer safe and strong places to live. They are also used for research facilities because of their often isolated locations. This allows them to do whatever research they would like to do in secret, and also allows them the opportunity to destroy it to either hide evidence or in case of a quarantine breach.

Known Asteroids[]