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Artificial Intelligence eraser


Synthetic Intelligence Eraser


The Artificial Intelligence eraser is a unique piece of technology that is used to completely destroy (erase) an artificial intelligence. It is the only known piece of technology that is able to destroy an Artificial Intelligence through a purely virtual manner, as it employs no physical destruction of any part of the ship. When turned on, it almost instantaneously deletes an Artificial Intelligence.


During the Nietzschean Rebellion, the Nietzschean Alliance captured many High Guard ships ranging from Victory's Crucible Class ships, Glorious Heritage Class cruisers, and a Siege Perilous Class attack ship. The Nietzscheans could not utilize the ships, because Systems Commonwealth Artificial Intelligences are almost impossible to erase or subvert, so the Nietzscheans imprisoned them in the Tartarus System. By C.Y. 10088, the Drago-Kazov Pride had taken control of the prison camp and invented the Eraser. It was used on one ship, the Wrath of Achilles, before Dylan Hunt could stop the Nietzscheans.

After that, it was kept in secure storage aboard the Andromeda Ascendant where it was held until it was needed by Captain Hunt for use against the rogue Artificial Intelligence Gabriel created by the Balance of Judgment. However, it did not work because he had been aware of its existence for over a year and had developed a defense mechanism.