AG mass packets (the points of light in the upper left quadrant) about to hit the Andromeda


Artificial gravity Mass Packets are warheads equipped with artificial gravity generators, used as a nonlethal ship to ship weapon in order to disable or slow down enemy vessels. Pyrians employ them as part of their offensive strategy; they fire the mass packets at ships like the Andromeda Ascendant to slow them down and limit their maneuverability. Once the ship is bogged down and can barely move, the Pyrians move in and slice the ship to pieces with plasma cutters. However, they are relatively easy to remove, as Seamus Harper remarked that he could dispatch nanobots to clean them off the hull.



Harper [on viewscreen]: Good news, boss. My band of merry monkeys have scrubbed the hull clean. No more AG mass packets. Plus, we shampooed the decks, buffed the mirrors, and threw in some air freshener at no extra charge.

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